The Real World Philly: Episode 11

Nick Sampogna

This week featured Landon getting close to a co-worker (Gina) – perhaps a little too close. Landon and Gina began talking on the bus, and eventually went out clubbing and dancing. Seemingly innocent, right?

Wrong. According to their contracts with the Philadelphia Soul, the roommates are not allowed to fraternize with other players, dancers or staff members or their job can be terminated. Landon thought he was safe, and, with Gina’s approval, kissed her.

A meeting followed a few days later with the CFO of the Soul, who reiterated their contracts to the housemates, made it clear that a breach had been made which would not be tolerated in the future.

Landon, luckily, got out of some serious trouble and made sure to end anything with Gina before it went any further.

The roommates also took part in a walk for children with disabilities in Philadelphia, prompting some apprehension on Shavonda’s part. She revealed that as a child she had some bad experiences with disabled children and has developed a phobia as a result.

Her phobia made this assignment especially difficult, but she said she would do her best to get her job done, and hopefully lessen her phobia. I think it was very honorable of her to say this, and to help out how she did with the child and family she was assigned to. She displayed responsibility and maturity in her assistance to Olivia, a five-year-old with cerebral palsy, and I personally was very proud to see someone so affected by doing good deeds.

Next week seems interesting. We will see Karamo involving himself in a relationship, and, unfortunately, possibly ending one as well. Sarah also deals with some familial issues surrounding the sickness of her mother.

‘Nova Students Speak Out

“Landon should have known a bit better than to fraternize with other staff members. You never dip your pen in the company ink.” -Eric Hersom, sophomore

“I thought it was very admirable of Shavonda to be so open about her phobia and even nobler that she still helped out at the walk.” -Liz Bell, sophomore