Liberal Professors in the Majority

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I am a 1980 graduate of the College of Commerce & Finance and remember with great fondness my (4) years at the school. The education and experience I received during my undergrad years provided me with a strong basis on which to build my family and career. However, based upon some of the comments I read in an article titled “Liberal Professors in the Majority” (12/3/04 issue), I have to question the outlook and direction of the student body, as well as faculty. I found the comments of Eric Biersmith, president of the University College Democrats, outrageous and ridiculous. Further, if they are indicative of the beliefs in a majority of students and faculty, it’s no wonder we have such a political divide in our country. Specifically: “College professors are far more educated and intelligent than the average person and as with other educated and intelligent people, are more likely to be liberal”. Is this what is being taught at the school? This statement insults millions of people, including tens-of-thousands of graduates. I must have missed this message about becoming a liberal elitist living outside the real world. I must be an anamoly-how could I have a Villanova degree and an MBA in finance, as well as other advanced degrees and still be an average, conservative citizen of this country? Perhaps I need to join the faculty to receive the “correct” message. Until recently, I never really bought the belief that our colleges were turning out a bunch of liberal elitists who had no concept of the “real” world. However, these comments and my experience with recent college graduates, gives me cause for wonder.Regards from an average, educated, intelligent conservative graduate.John DoughertyPresident/CEOMAVAL Mfg., Inc.Class of 1980