New campus group aids struggling mothers

Lisa D'Annunzio

Sophomore Raquel Episcopio longed to help mothers with their lives because they chose life for their children. A member of Villanovans for Life, Episcopio decided to design a student-run organization to help mothers who choose not to abort their babies. And so the Mother-a-Month Association (MAMA) was born.

Founded by Episcopio last semester, MAMA thus far has adopted four local single mothers in need of financial and emotional support as a result of their young ages, abusive relationships, low incomes and other tribulations.

Episcopio believes that being pro-life is not enough. “We should be helping these mothers after their babies are born,” Episcopio says. “That is the most important part of this pro-life movement.”

Since its establishment, MAMA has provided necessities such as clothing, formula, diapers and other items for four mothers residing in Bryn Mawr and Upper Darby. MAMA selects mothers to help based on information provided by the Amnion Pregnancy Crisis Center, a local non-profit organization of Bryn Mawr to ensure that those in greatest need for assistance are helped first.

“The Amnion’s coordinator tells us whatever mom is in the most need each month, and she gives us a wish list that particular mother created,” Episcopio said. “We give them everything they ask for as well as some extra spending money.”

The University’s MAMA then provides money they have raised and been donated as well as donated items including diapers, toys, clothes and baby formula from University students and faculty.

“The mothers have been very appreciative,” Episcopio said. “We’ve met three of the moms we’ve helped. I think seeing their appreciation is one of the best parts of MAMA.”

Episcopio is delighted with MAMA’s growth over the past few months and with its acceptance on campus. “MAMA is a club whose members include both pro-life and pro-choice individuals,” she said. “As members of MAMA we work on a common ground, with a common goal: to help mothers and babies in need. Helping one mother at a time is a small goal that is easy to achieve.”