Ray LaMontagne

[email protected]

Dear Arts & Entertainment editor,

Hope you are well. Wanted to touch base with you since he’s in Philadelphiaplaying the Theatre of the Living Arts on 1/18. Was there any interest in checking outthe show? Just to bring you up to speed on whats been going with Ray…

He is doing incredibly well… coming from writing an album (Debut onRCAentitled Trouble) in a two year span where he lived in a cabin in Mainewithout power or water (winters were very difficult) to now, where hehasnow scanned over 60,000 units and a scheduled performance on ConanO’Brienon the 19th , his life has changed to say the least!

There is no one on the contemporary music scene i can compare him to butifone goes back a bit, Van Morrison, The Band or Stephen Stills might beaccurate. he has a truly amazing voice, soulful, passionate, and unlikeanyone we have ever worked.

If there is any interest, please be in touch