Week promotes abstinence ideas

Colleen Cantrell

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Villanovans for Life sponsored the True Love Waits Week. For many college students, being in a relationship often means being sexually active which can sometimes complicate relationships because of contraceptives and unwanted pregnancies. During the week, the VFL sought to emphasize the risks involved with contraception

The main feature of the display for True Love Waits Week were two large posters that listed all of the side effects of Ortho-tricyclen Lo, more commonly referred to as “the pill.”

These side effects are usually mentioned briefly in commercials or displayed in a tiny font in print advertisements.

However, these side effects present health risks such as blood clots and increased risks of cardiovascular diseases. These risks increase when the woman taking the pill smokes. The display also featured information on other contraceptives, abortion and cohabitation.

“We wanted to raise awareness that not everyone is having sex,” said Tim Rupar, activism chair of the VFL. “A lot of women don’t know about the negative effects of oral contraceptives. For example, many of them act as abortifacients and can cause early term abortions,” said Tim Rupar, activism chair of Villanovans for Life.

“Through True Love Waits Week, we hope to show people that chastity is a legitimate and viable option. You can be in a romantic and loving relationship without having sex,” said Rupar.

Sex and birth control will always be an issue for college students, but through the information presented by True Love Waits Week, the VFL hops that more people will realize that chastity is an option, and one that is not unrealistic for young adults in relationships.