Bands on the Verge: In Like Flynn

Jenny Dwoskin

Ever heard of Stickittodamanosis? Don’t feel ashamed if you haven’t; even the American Medical Association hasn’t a clue.

The ailment, which was recently given its moniker by ‘Dr.’ Jack Black, has been infecting musicians since the invention of the amplifier. Its symptoms include an irritation with conformity and the remedy is rocking-out. Don’t be alarmed, though. Only one case of Stickittodamanosis has been cited on the University’s campus – so far.

In Like Flynn, the self-proclaimed “indie/alternative/britpop/artrock” band, wants to clarify something: they’re not mainstream. Even though the band isn’t on a quest for TRL, bassist Ian Markey insists, “Our music is really good, and everyone should give us a listen. Each song is unique and draws from different influences.”

Today, In Like Flynn includes juniors Eric D’Orazio and Jeffrey Mayer, sophomore Brendan Gibson and freshman Markey. Back in September of 2003, D’Orazio and Gibson met through a mutual friend on the way to a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club concert.

D’Orazio plays guitar, Gibson plays the drums and they like the same music – starting a rock duo was just the right thing to do. Then, last October, Mayer was added as singer and keyboardist, and in January, Markey rounded out the sound on bass.

The name, In Like Flynn, is actually borrowed from another band that was formed in 1999 by D’Orazio and his friend, Ben Daniels. In middle school, the boys had earned the respect of their seventh grade homeroom teacher, Mr. Flynn Miller. The teacher treated them like friends, thereby making them “in like Flynn.” That band, which was more along the lines of punk, collapsed in 2002 (due to the classic ‘going away to different colleges’ scenario), only to be revived and revamped a year later on the Main Line.

The band swears by an assortment of musical influences: The Dandy Warhols, Blur, Green Day, Dave Grohl, the Beatles, the Stones and various other classic rockers. Stick them all in a blender, and that’s the sound of In Like Flynn.

Although the band is not signed to a label, as of yet, they are busy recording an EP. In the meantime, their demo “Soula” can be sampled and downloaded at

As for the show scene, a “mini-tour” is in the works, set to start in late March or early April. Afterwards, In Like Flynn hopes to play at venues like the North Star Bar and, hopefully, the Theatre of the Living Arts in Philly. The band realizes that it’s an ambitious endeavor, but they’re up for the task. Besides, a lot can happen in a musical year.

After college, D’Orazio hopes to continue with the band that he has fathered. Gibson does too, although he admits, “Continuing the band after graduation would be difficult, seeing as we are all from different parts of the country and graduating at different times. However, if the band seems to have a promising future, I wouldn’t be opposed to it.”

Similarly, Mayer foresees the possible limitations on the post-collegiate fate of the band. A history major, Mayer will be attending graduate school after Villanova with the goal of pursuing a career in academia and teaching. “With my eclectic musical tastes from classical to classic rock, the band experience is awesome while I’m in college,” Mayer says. “I have a solid idea of where I want to go in the future with my love for learning, although I’m always open to the idea of new and developing opportunities.”

Plan B for D’Orazio is music journalism. While Markey is currently undecided on his alternative plans, Gibson is a political science major and would like to attend graduate school.

The members of In Like Flynn are just grateful to have had the experience of the band. After all, the best part about being in a band for these guys isn’t about centerfold status. It’s about hanging out, rocking out, looking cool and sticking it to the Man.