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Hello,It is a real pleasure and honor to forward to you thismessage. I enjoy this opportunity to transmit mycongratulations to you and the encouragements of mymembers for the job done in order to increase yourknowledge despite the obstacles and difficultiesencountered in your sector of activity.Your actions, constitute for us a true motivation inthe execution of our assigned missions.Interested by your experience and your way of makingthings, I want in the name of HearAfryca Foundation tobe closer to you, in order to collaborate.Collaboration which certainly will allow us to shareour experience in the determining sectors as yours.It is important before all to present to you HearAfryca Foundation, the association that I have thehonor to head.Benefiting from a legal personality according to itscreation following declaration N°82/RDA/J09/BAPD,HearAfryca Foundation is a non-profit association basedin Yaoundé, Cameroon. Specialized in the domains offriendship development , and solidarity, HearAfrycaFoundation has as objectives:- To fight against poverty- Promote solidarity amongst its members – Favor the socio-economic, cultural and sportingdevelopment of Akonolinga and Cameroon.- Promote social communication, to conserve ourenvironment and respect human rights. – Support the effort of the civil society, in thedevelopment of Cameroon and Akonolinga in particular- Help all its members from the north to the south tointegrate globalization in their daily lives.To fulfill its objectives, HearAfryca Foundation hasworked with the support of its consultants and thatare: – Friendship- Development- SolidarityIn the domain of friendship, the elaborated programsare as follows:- Africa holidays- The cultural and sporting exchange programs – The school and decentralized cooperation In the domain of solidarity we have:- Africa solidarity program- Program to fight against Aids – The press freedom program- The program of the welfare the children – The human rights program- Youth employment solidarity program – The program of humanitarian actionsThe domain of development includes:- Campaign against poverty- The program environment and sustainable development – Program to balance Resources and populations- Program to reinforcement the civil society – Basic education at program – Program of vulgarization of the NICT- Program to promote female initiatives- Program to promote democracy- Economic development program- The program of the construction and equipment ofhealth center – Program of peace and nonviolence – Program to reinforce micro-finance- A program of agricultural development and food safety These programs are related to our works our activitiesand our objectives, thus gives you a rather Complete image of our Association and will unwontedlyallow you to determine the kind of collaboration youwould like to have with HearAfryca Foundation..In what concern us, we will be interested by :- The participation of our will be association in allyour events seminar, conference, frown, general assembly- Technical, materials and finance support that youwill be able to bring to some of our actions- The sponsorship of some of our programs – Regular reception of any document or publicationconcerning you.- The representation of your organization in Cameroonif not get represented – Establishment of various exchanges between ourAssociation and youIn addition and in order to increase the visibility ofour web site, we would maintain that our URL is addedto the list of your links.Of course, we remain open to any other form ofpartnership or collaboration which you will want tohave with us.Moreover, we would like to know more about you. Weexpress for this purpose the desire to the receive anabundant documentation on your structure.Convinced that working together, we will achieve thegoals reciprocally that we assigned, and the job tohave from you an honest and profitable collaboration.We will finish by thanking you for your attention andinterest which you agreed to devote to us whileagreeing to read this message from the beginning to theend.Our message could not of course contain all informationrelative to HearAfryca Foundation It is for this reasonthat we invite you to visited. after all, you are not interested by a possiblecollaboration with us, we ask you to agree to adviseour people or organizations what if eventually agreeto work with our association. We remain howeveroptimistic and think that a collaboration is possiblewith you, in one of our areas of activities.Waiting for your reaction, and waiting to listen to anyother concern, accept our best greetings.

Jean Claude MVODO.(Journaliste) PRESIDENT OF HEARAFRYCA FOUNDATIONwww.hearafryca.orgTel : +237.948.40.12Email : [email protected] [email protected]