Film to showcase perspective of Iraqis

Matt Brady

According to the trailer of the film “Voices of Iraq,” a film which will be played at the University this coming Tuesday, “There are two sides to the [war in Iraq]: What the news cameras have shown you and what Iraqi camcorders will show you.”

“Voices of Iraq” delves into the lives and feelings of the Iraqi citizens. Ignoring the areas of politics and division, the film focuses on those affected most, the people themselves. The film was made and directed by the Iraqi citizens, who also starred in the film.

Freshman Jessica Hopkins said that while she “by no means agrees with the war in Iraq…[she] understands that intervention was necessary in some form,” especially after viewing the film.

“Voices of Iraq” helped Hopkins to get a deeper insight into the Iraqis’ lives, such as “the accounts of Iraqis who were unable to voice their opinions during Sadam’s regime; forced to live in silence, virtually powerless.”

In addition, Hopkins found interesting “the account of the Abu Gharib scandal and how differently it was viewed in Iraq as opposed to how the media presented it here.”

The film facilitated Hopkins’ understanding of the war in Iraq by presenting the real, unadulterated opinions of Iraqi citizens finally able to voice their views.

“Prior to this film, I was completely anti-war/ anti-intervention,” Hopkins said.  

“This was because I knew only one side of the conflict, stemming from completely biased information sources.  Although I am still anti-war, it is reassuring to see the positive effects of our presence in Iraq.”

As many as 2,000 Iraqis taped by 150 digital video cameras contributed to the film, which showcases their heartbreaking tales of despair amidst suppression and destruction as well as their growing hope.

The Iraqi people comment honestly on the effect of Sadaam Hussein’s rule, the international offensive of the war and the presence of the American troops.

The film is presented by sophomore Kristen Henkelman with help from SGA and the political science department.

It will be shown this Tuesday, Feb. 22, at 7:30 p.m. in the Connelly Center Cinema.