‘Nova Nation changes locations

Chris DuPrau

It was around 3 P.M. Monday that word began to spread throughout the beach. “Two o’clock Thursday, Risky Business: Nova v. Pitt.” This message was passed to every Nova student on the tropical island of Jamaica. There were like 100 of us down there, so there were a lot of people to pass along the info to. The game would help to give the perfect ending to an amazing trip. I had thought to myself that we should have a pretty good crowd there, but I had no idea it was going to be this big.

It was around twelve that my roommate Jeff, An(the man)drew Conway and myself reached Risky Business, which was a lovely five minute walk from our hotel. Between the three of us we had four buckets of Red Stripe beer, with each bucket containing five beers. Yeah, we were ready to rock. The B.C.- West Virginia game was first, though, so we sat down cracked a few and watched W.V dominate most of the game. There was a small B.C. contingent there, and by halftime they were almost ready to leave. We were loving it. It wasn’t so much that we wanted B.C. to lose, it was just that they were the only other fans there so we felt the need to root against them.

It was with about 10 minute to go in the 2nd half that the ‘Nova Nation began to filter in to the bar. The highlight by far was my friend Dukes wearing a Hefner-like bath robe, treeeeemendous. He of course automatically began to heckle the B.C. people and it was great. It was at this time that Jeff and “the man-drew” went to get some more buckets. Yeah that’s right we had kicked the other four buckets too. By the time there was only two minutes left in the game there was no lie about 60 to 70 Villanova people at Risky Business. I was astounded, amazed and fired up. As we watched the B.C. demise we began our first of many chants, “Good-bye B.C.” It was fantastic, the ‘Nova Nation out in full force going crazy and the game hadn’t even started yet.

At tipoff Jeff and “the man-drew” were back with the buckets and the “Let’s Go ‘Nova!” chants were flying. To say it was a slow game at first would be a bit of an understatement. It wasn’t until Allan Ray made a lay-up with almost four minutes gone in the game that someone made a field goal. When Randy Foye hit two consecutive three’s though the bar was going crazy. High-fives left and right. These are the Nova fans I like to see, not the ones who were hushed by ‘Cuse at the Wachovia, but the ones who went crazy against Kansas.

One thing that truly amazed me down there was that there are actually people as crazy as me. It is one thing to yell obscenities at Carl Krauser when we are playing Pitt at the Pavilion. However, we were a thousand miles away, and yet people were yelling things at the television non-stop. I loved it. I don’t think there is anyone more hated by Nova fans then Carl Krauser.

As the half went on ‘Nova continued to extend their lead, and people kept getting more buckets of Red Stripe. My friend Suzie asked me if I had enough bottles on my table and I told her, “You don’t play basketball without Gatorade, and you don’t watch basketball in Jamaica without a ton of Red Stripe”. I’m pretty sure that’s away message material.

When A-Ray made three free throws to stretch the lead to 17 the spring breakers could smell the blood in the water. Most of us were seniors and have waited four years for a team to be proud of and we finally have one. Aside from a Buffalo chicken salad I had which was pretty bad it was almost a perfect day.

As the seconds ticked down the whole crowd began to stand up and clap giving a “Lets Go ‘Nova!” chant. This was great, there were other schools down in Jamaica, but none of them showed the kind of support that the ‘Nova Nation did that day.

Therefore, this Friday I want people going crazy where ever you are watching the games. Whether it be Erin’s, The Onion, Brownies, your dorm rooms, wherever. Go nuts! I’ll be wearing my King of the Court outfit which I’m sure many people have seen me wear at Erin’s for the game.