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I’m excited to announce the debut of the new book by Alison James entitled “The 10 Women You’ll Be Before You’re 35.” This book takes the reader on a journey from wide-eyed ingénue to smart, sassy 30-something, helping her laugh at and learn from everything she’ll go through along the way. It’s guaranteed to make college women laugh out loud and also provide them with a little reassurance that the future is not as scary as it might seem at times. Guys would also appreciate it, but obviously to a lesser extent.

If you or someone at your paper is interested in reviewing “The 10 Women You’ll Be….”, we would be happy to get a review copy out to you immediately. Then, if you would want to speak with Alison directly, we can set up a time for a phone interview.

Alison James is the author of 2004’s hit breakup survival guide called “I Used to Miss Him…But My Aim is Improving.” She has appeared on Cinemax, The CBS Evening News, in the N.Y. Post, the Wall Street Journal, Maxim and more. She’s been on over 150 radio stations in the past year and her work has been featuredin over 100 newspapers globally. You can find out more about her background by visiting

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