SGA finds funds for readership program

Melissa Weigel

The academic affairs department has recently allocated $25,000 to be used for the newspaper readership program for next year.

Although no plans have been finalized, the Student Government Association plans to have newspapers available at approximately 20 different areas throughout campus, mainly high-traffic areas such as dorms and dining halls. Previously, papers were available at 31 locations.

The money granted to the readership program is not an annual allowance; the academic affairs office is planning to see feedback from next year’s program before issuing further funding.

“Although everything around the program was so positive, there was no documented measure of success, that it actually helped with students’ academics,” Renna Antonio, the chairperson for the Concerns and Issues Committee, said.

Many students expressed disappointment that the program, which placed free copies of The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer and USA Today around campus, was cut after last year’s budget reallocations. This prompted the Concerns and Issues committee of SGA to work since the beginning of the year to try to bring back the program. They made presentations to various departments and clubs around campus to try to generate funding.