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Theologian Weighs In On Politics and Faith Bronx, NY – (September 6, 2005) – For centuries, traditional religion has provided moral and spiritual guidance for most people. As old as history itself, traditional religion is now entangled in a struggle of influence with a secular world view. Sociologist/theologian Michael H. Ducey dissects this contest in his compelling new book, The Secular Spirit. With its mind-opening content, The Secular Spirit is a deep reflection on the global transition from religious to secular spirituality that began in 16th century Europe and today is in a critical stage with the advent of evangelical insurgency in the Western world and Islamic jihadism around the globe. Former Jesuit Ducey argues that secularism is actually spiritual progress compared to religion and is the only form of spirituality that can function as a positive global system. Ducey’s psychology of religion revises Karl Marx’s adage that religion is “the opiate of the masses”, offers a cogent analysis of the American Catholic pedophilia problem, and identifies the cultural and historical reasons why the theology of the fifth-century Augustine was seriously mistaken and is now completely obsolete. Proposing a distinction between sectarian faith and universal faith, he explains why religious faith can be delusional and dangerous. He also points out the alternatives to religious practice used by morally serious seculars today. He gives a candid description of his own personal development from Jesuit priest to secular theologian. The Secular Spirit is a liberating book that will attract a lot of readers, especially religious followers and secularists concerned with evangelical insurgency and the politics of faith. Going deep into the core of the issues, the book adds precision to understanding the development of personality structure as well as the process of spiritual growth. As the whole world seeks to understand the relationship between religion, politics and violence, The Secular Spirit is easily a most timely book for today. About the AuthorMichael Ducey is a sociologist and a former Jesuit priest. He was born in 1933, left the Jesuits in 1967, and received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1975. He grew up in Chicago, was a missionary in India as a Jesuit, and now lives in New York City. He has written two other books on religion: Sunday Morning: Aspects of Urban Ritual (N.Y., The Free Press, 1977) and Outgrowing Catholicism (Madison, Wisconsin, The Windhover Press, 1990). To order, click here:

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