Review of Bianca Restaurant

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As an alumni, I know firsthand that Villanovans are, for the most part, socially responsible,conscientious people. I was appalled, therefore, to read Ms. Spreen and Mr. Whalen’s favorable review of Bianca, and their quote: “for those diners not afraid to try a forced fed duck liver, foie gras is a decadent possibility.” Not afraid?? How about not appalled and sickened? Foie gras is made by painfullly shoving a metal feeding tube down a duck’s throat on a daily basis, forcing them to ingest unatural amounts of food,until both their bodies and their livers expand to a painfully deformed size. The ducks suffer terribly from this inhumane treatment. I would have expected a restaurant serving such a despicable “delicacy” to be picketed by Villanova students, not praised. I am very disappointed, and hope that your staff will do more research in the future to see exactly what it is that they are recommending.

Lauren R. VitaleClass of 1993