Bands on the Verge: Foreshadows

Jenny Dwoskin

T-shirt fads are an enigma, ranging from the Che Guevara, the Bebe-even the CBGB. And while some college students are familiar with the venue (it’s only New York City’s Mecca for underground music), other students haven’t a clue; they just saw so-and-so sporting the logo on “The OC.”

Junior Brian Bozzo, however, is no such imposter. This mechanical engineering major and lead-singer/songwriter of Foreshadows actually played there, on the same stage as the Johnny Ramone, Guns n’ Roses, and Everclear. Now that’s impressive.

Merely two years ago, Bozzo was just like every other college freshman-bored and idling in his muggy dorm room. Of course, he could have napped off the ennui, but instead Bozzo picked up his guitar. “I started writing immediately,” he recalls. And he hasn’t stopped since.

While Bozzo admits that music had always been a hobby, as he had played the bass and sang in his Chaminade High School band, his music and lyrics were a bit “immature;” music, he assumed, would only be a phase. It wasn’t until Bozzo went to a Lit concert that his future became clear: “I knew I wanted to be a rockstar. I wanted to be them.”

At Villanova, Bozzo started experimenting with acoustic rock, sampling the Philly concert circuit-he even hung out with fellow Long-Island natives, pop-punk band Brand New.

By the end of 2004, Bozzo had teamed up with 25-year-old music TA, Gianmarc Johns, who had become both his guitar teacher and mentor. The two released a seven-track demo and as of now, they are recording a full-length album with G-Man Productions. The CD, called “Living Everyday as if it were Your Last,” should be out by Christmas.

Everything just seems surreal for Foreshadows, a band who truthfully can be labeled as “makeshift.” After all, legendary CBGB founder Hilly Kristal claims that he only books bands that he feels have an overall air of “originality.” Although the band’s influences (Coldplay, various jazz musicians, Bright Eyes, etc.) are apparent in their music, the band’s sound has a contagious “melodic rock” sound fresh enough for Kristal’s criterion. As a native of Levittown-America’s no-frills, textbook suburban town-one cannot help but chuckle at the irony.

After circulating NYC venues like CBGB, the Continental, and the Knitting Factory, the band has an appetite for traveling. This summer “we’ll hopefully go tour on an East Coast,” Bozzo says. Then, who knows? If a life of music is meant to be, then the enchanting young talent assures: “It’ll find me.”