Archbishop Addresses Priest Abuse

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I found the title of last week’s article on Cardinal Rigali’s speech at Villanova to be very misleading. I was the first questioner that evening to challenge the Cardinal about protecting his predecessors and their roles in the cover up. His answer did anything but address the issue of priest abusers. My question for him was not intended to be contentious until he once again side stepped the most important failing in our Church today. The Cardinal asserted that the judgement “will be up to God” when in fact the judging has already been done by the DA and a competent, impartial Report of the Grand Jury. Now Philadelphia Catholics just await him to humbly stop disparaging this Report and to reach out to us in a spirit of truth. When this happens I promise him it will be so well received and we can all forgive, move on and work for a better more united Church. If Cardinal Rigali’s response to me had reflected the transparency and accountability which so many Philadelphia Catholics are thirsting for then I would have walked up and shook his hand.

Judi Gray