‘Nova Nation/Hurricane Relief

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Letter to The Editor:

This is in regards to the article entitled “‘Nova Nation Extends a Helping Hand to Gulf Victims” which appeared in your September 30th issue. To start, let there be no mistake in saying that I am extremely grateful for the efforts of Phil Consuegra and Brian Lamsback, who helped raise $10,000 for the Hurricane Relief efforts. But, I am writing to you as a Nova Alum, who has been personally affected by this tragedy and has been working diligently with the Alumni office to help a dear friend of mine whose family lost its home as a result of Katrina’s devastation. I felt greatly offended by Consuegra’s assertion that he “didn’t see much action from Villanova immediately after the hurricane,” and that Villanova’s supposed inaction was the inspiration for such a valiant fundraising effort. The Villanova Community should take these words with a grain of salt. I can personally attest to the massive efforts the Alumni office has put forth immediately after this tragedy. While the work behind the scenes will not be immediately known, those who inquire with a phone call or look at the Hurricane Relief efforts link will see the actions that have and continue to be taken by the Alumni office. In my view, Villanova has reacted in a positive and meaningful way. The Alumni Office and Villanova should not be attacked for their efforts, but recognized and applauded. The staff at the Alumni Office has helped transfer students from the affected areas and arranged clothing, money, and personal support for students, alumni and their families. I am personally aware of the efforts of certain staff members who have given their home phone numbers for those in need. These actions are notably above and beyond the call of duty. This is an example that would not be “immediately seen”, but truly is the spirit of Villanova. Yes, Villanova does care, and the support will be coming now and in the many months to come, when the memory of Hurricane Katrina and Rita will slowly fade for rest of the world. Yes, Villanova Cares and she will truly show her colors for all who have been affected. Let ‘Nova Nation be stronger as one, working together with the entire Villanova community.