2005 College Cartoon Contest

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StudentAffairs.com is pleased to announce the 2005 College CartoonistContest, a competition for college and graduate student cartoonists.Winning entries will be featured on the StudentAffairs.com website.Students need to submit two cartoons on the theme of “Campus Life andTechnology”. The entry deadline is Friday, December 2, 2005. Monetary prizes will be awarded to the top three entries as follows: 1st Place: $400.00 2nd Place: $250.00 3rd Place: $100.00 All other entries will be considered for the StudentAffairs.com(edy)page at a rate of $20.00 per cartoon. ————————-GUIDELINES————————-Content:Technology can refer to, but is not limited to, such topics as–theInternet, PDAs, cyberdating, e-mail, illegal downloading,cyberstalking, personal computers, instant messaging, spam, pop-upads, gaming, cellphones, etc. For examples, see the cartoons listedin our StudentAfairs.com(edy) section. Eligibility Requirements:Students must be registered for at least six credits at an accreditedinstitution of higher education in an undergraduate or graduateprogram for Fall 2005. Proof of registration may be required. File Submissions:Images can be in color or B&W. Scanned images of your originalartwork are acceptable. Files should be submitted as either a .jpg ora .gif files in RGB color – in other words, as a graphic that can beseen through your web browser. File size should be no more thanapproximately 300k. Screen resolution should be between 72dpi to96dpi and viewable on an average computer monitor screen. Submission Information:1. Students should send their two cartoons by emailas an attachment to [email protected] 2. In your subject line write…”Cartoon contest submission from (your name here)” 3. In the body of your email, you must provide answers for items 1-8plus for item #9, please write in “I AGREE” on your own after thesecond paragraph. Any submissions that do not expressly consent to #9, will not beconsidered for this contest. TIP: Just copy-n-paste the text below in blue for #1-9 into youremail and then answer them accordingly. 1. Name 2. School 3. Major 4. Status (FR SO JR SR) 5. Credits Registered for Fall 2004 6. Mailing Address 7. E-mail 8. My Biography (25-50 words please) 9. By entering the 2005 College Cartoonist Contest the individual(referred to as “Creator”) hereby assigns all right, title, andinterest in any and all copyrights to, without limitation, the comicstrips, their characters and dialogue, including the right to makederivative works, without regard to moral rights, thereof(collectively referred to as “Works”), submitted hereunder to the Website, StudentAffairs.com. A $20.00 fee will be paid for all accepted comic strips that do notwin one of the top three prizes in the 2005 College CartoonistContest.

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