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I’m Joe Valli, producer and booking agent at We produce a daily radio show on the web that we think will be of interest to your student body. In the past few months, Radio-Uncensored has become extremely popular on college campuses all across the country, and we’d love for you to write a story about us in your student paper!

The press release below gives all of the pertinent facts, but if you should need any further information, please feel free to contact me or either of the media contacts listed in the release. We will also be considering advertising space in select college papers across the country. If you have a media kit, please send it along with a copy of your story to:

JDO Media, LLC407 Fire Tree Ln.O’Fallon, MO 63366attn: Joe Valli

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JDO Media Launches Web-Based Alternative to Traditional Radio

JDO Media, LLC unveils “Radio-Uncensored” a free web-based comedy radio show targeted to college audiences.

St. Louis, MO October 18, 2005 – In the wake of new research showing a prospective growth of internet radio listeners of over 300% by the year 2010, JDO Media, LLC has launched, a comedy radio program aimed primarily at college listeners. The programming is available in streaming audio free of charge 24 hours a day.

Radio-Uncensored brings together a group of veteran broadcasters from all over the United States with the goal to inform and entertain. Guests range from sports celebrities to standup comedians. Daily and weekly features include “Odd News,” “The Celebrity Dirtpile,” and “Douchebag of the Week,” a segment in which listeners can vote on which actors, athletes, politicians, or other prominent people have managed to make the biggest fools of themselves in the past seven days.

Joe DeNiro, show host and founding partner says “Radio-Uncensored comes from a legitimate need for broadcasters to be able to express themselves without fear of F.C.C. fines being imposed on their creativity. We have created that outlet. While the goal of the show isn’t to say as many dirty words as possible, if a guest has something on his or her mind, we want them to feel free to speak, without having to worry about what some government official might consider offensive.”

According to Russ Rivas, a standup comedian who appeared on the program recently, “I’d wish these guys luck with their project, but I don’t need to – It’s obvious to me that this will take off and be a huge success.”

Radio-Uncensored debuted in August of this year and solely through word of mouth has spread to thousands of listeners in 48 states. The edgy material has attracted listeners in the coveted 18-25 year old demographic. “We’re especially popular among college students, most of whom have high speed internet connections available in their dorms and campus apartments,” says Damon “Fatback” Oliver, who co-hosts the daily program.

“Radio-Uncensored” airs live Monday through Friday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. eastern and repeats on a loop 24 hours a day. The high-quality audio stream can be accessed with either a broadband or dial-up internet connection. To tune in to “Radio-Uncensored,” visit For additional information on “Radio-Uncensored,” contact Damon Oliver or Joe DeNiro, or visit

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JDO Media, LLC is a privately held company based in St. Louis, MO. JDO Media owns and operates

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