MSL Night imagines a perfect world

Joe Robert Gonzalez

The Multicultural Students League has been advocating awareness of multicultural students and diversity on campus for the past 12 years, sometimes through supporting and increasing the visibility of cultural groups on campus, and annually through the drawing together of these groups in the collective effort known as MSL Night.

This year Villanova has experienced the most ethnically diverse freshman class in its history. However, many students still wonder where all the diversity is on campus. MSL Night, this year occurring on the evening of Candidate’s Day, offers an introduction to the blossoming of diversity here at Villanova.

“MSL Night is a great opportunity for students to experience the rich diversity that is present on campus and among our students,” Kathey Byrnes, an MSL adviser, said. “We have 13 performance that capture many different cultural traditions.”

MSL Night culminates a week of multicultural activities, with each day of the week before Saturday devoted to a cultural group or groups. Normally, daytime events included music or food of a particular culture presented in a visible area of campus. This year, the South Asian Multicultural Organized Students Association, Asian Student Association and Polish Society hosted movie nights on campus on Wednesday and Thursday.

John Lennon’s famous lyrics, “Imagine all the people living in peace,” provides the theme for this Saturday’s MSL Night. It will include performances by over eight official cultural groups on campus such as the Hispanic Society, ASA, Hellenic Society and Black Cultural Society.

Performances include traditional and modern cultural dances, spoken word and song, all presented by Villanova students. Salsa and merengue dances, narrative dance incorporating old and new styles, and individual acts by members of SAMOSA, Latin American Students Organization and BCS will be featured. Hot dance moves and sweet singing voices of all kinds are promised to entertain even the most jaded of audiences.

Attendees will also be sure to enjoy the food that traditionally characterizes any cultural event, and with so many cultural groups, there will be a plethora of food from cultures across the globe. From samosas brought to you by – surprise – SAMOSA to lo mein brought to you by ASA and everything in between, the menu is designed to please just about everyone’s appetite.

The doors of the Villanova Room open Saturday at 7 p.m. and the show begins at 7:15 p.m.