Taking Back Sunday comes back ‘louder’

Christine Guerrini

Despite the switch of labels from Victory to Warner Brothers, Taking Back Sunday is still taking the music world by storm. After a two year wait, the band’s anticipated third album, “Louder Now,” which will be released April 25, once again mixes the intricate harmonies of lead singer Adam Lazzara and guitarist Fred Mascherino.

Mimicking the style of their sophomore success, Taking Back Sunday switches the mood between boisterous and mellow from track to track and even in the songs themselves. The power of the vocals and instrumentals, however, never fail to keep a consistent intensity that is captivating.

Amongst the waves of mesmerizing music are the choppy lyrical stories that Taking Back Sunday weaves. The words may not always be clear while sung, and sometimes seem quite incoherent, but after looking up the lyrics, it is undeniable that there are one-liners that stick like crazy glue. The “literate and stylish” lines from this powerhouse band’s new album include some from the track “Liar (It Takes One To Know One).”

Lazzara sings, “I’m an addict for dramatics/I confuse the two for love” – a situation with which most young adults can identify.

The first single, “MakeDamnSure,” serves as a perfect piece of bait for potential buyers. It combines the classic Taking Back Sunday style, energy and lyrics in a perfectly packaged 3:40.

After listening to the entire album, though, it’s difficult to pick a favorite from the 11 tracks. In the end – or really, the beginning – the fast-paced opening song, titled “What It Feels Like To Be a Ghost,” asks the fundamental question for those about to listen to the album, “Are you up for this?”