Two seniors ink deals in NFL

Adams on “The Call”:

“I was at home with my family. I was on edge and a little nervous, hoping I would get a phone call. I got a call during the sixth round. They said they might pick me with the seventh round pick, but I set up the deal in the seventh round. I was a little upset that I didn’t get drafted, that my name wasn’t called, but was happy to be signed.”

On meeting the Jets:

“I look forward to meeting all of them. I met the d-line coach as well as Brian Cox. They seem like great guys. I met Eric Mangini, too. It will be a great atmosphere.”

On Villanova’s preparation for the NFL:

“Villanova allowed me to develop character as a leader and a student-athlete. I made the transition from high school to college and now to NFL and by being myself. I was allowed to lead team and do what I do best. I was a leader.”

On playing in New York:

“It’s an opportunity to play for a good local team. I grew up watching the Jets. Everything about them I love. It’s the next phase of my life…There is no place like home. I’m a strong believer that New York is the best state in the world. I would have liked to get away and have a fresh start, but I can’t complain about playing here at the home facilities. I’ve been there a lot in the past. I’ve been getting a lot of calls and I have a long list of people asking for tickets and wanting to know when and where I practice and play.”

On his role with the team:

“I want to be a character guy and bring energy and enthusiasm to the team. I want to be a good practice player and set the tone: compete, work hard and have fun. I’ll bring a positive, winning attitude.”

On the future:

“Hopefully I’ll still be a Jet. I want to make the active roster, play three years and sign a new deal.”

Outlaw on “The Call”:

“They called at the beginning of the seventh round. There were a lot of people around me and with me. I was in a dorm and we were in a heated argument about Kobe. We were watching the Lakers game. They called and I don’t remember what the guy said his name was. All I remember was it was a 215 number. He said that he was with the Eagles. That’s all I heard. I knew right then, just from past stories that it had to be a good call. Whatever they needed I knew it was a good call. They said if I wasn’t drafted they would sign me as a free agent.”

On Villanova’s preparation for the NFL:

“Villanova was a real good situation for me and it’s prepared me well. Our offense is based off a lot of NFL offenses. It is West Coast and requires a slot receiver and is a balanced attack between the pass and the run. Sometimes as slot receiver you are called to do both of those. I will be able to do what I did playing under our offense and what I was able to do on special teams. I’m not going into this blind or switch positions”.

On meeting the Eagles:

“I trained with Mark Simoneau and L. J. Smith. I know Westbrook from Villanova. I’m excited to meet guys like McNabb and receivers and guys that are coming in as draft picks.”

On playing in Philadelphia:

“I feel great about that. I don’t have to make an adjustment to a new city. I’m pleased it worked out the way it did. A lot of people around here are Eagles fans.”

On his role with the team:

“Hopefully I can do special teams. I will do whatever they ask me to do. I will go in and show them what I can do offensively.”

On the future:

“A few years down the road I will hopefully still be an Eagle.”