Public Safety Q&A

1. Why should I call VEMS instead of Radnor Ambulance? -Jeff

Dear Jeff,

When you dial 4444 or 610-519-4444, you are dialing the Public Safety Emergency dispatcher who then has direct communication via radio with VEMS on duty crew. The dispatcher will also dispatch a certified EMT DPS Officer to respond.

VEMS serves the entire Villanova University campus community. VEMS provides emergency care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. All of VEMS services are free of charge to all of our patients (students, faculty, staff and visitors to campus).

In addition, VEMS has primary jurisdiction of Villanova University and has a quick response time to emergency medical calls. If Radnor Ambulance were called via 911, the response to the campus would also include the Radnor Township Police Department.

2. If an RA and Public Safety Officer come to my room because I am having a party and when asked to open my refrigerator, I refuse to open it, what can happen? -T

Dear T,

The University Student Handbook 2006-2007 states, “When a violation of the University Alcohol Policy is encountered by university staff in a residence hall room or apartment, university staff may enter rooms or apartments to address any policy violations, confiscate containers of alcohol, whether full or empty,and/or to disperse guests, if appropriate. University staff may also, at the time and location of the violation and when students are present in the room, ask students to open their refrigerators in order to remove all alcohol from the premises. Students are expected to comply with university staff in their efforts. Failure to comply will result in more severe sanctions” (p.27). T, you may want to review pages 26, 27 and 71 of the applicable “blue book” policies.