You must be ‘Crazy’!

Justin Rodstrom

With their debut album, the duo ‘Gnarls Barkley’ have struck gold. Their album “St. Elsewhere” has been at the top of U.S. and British charts for weeks now, and their hit ‘Crazy’ is officially the 2006 summer anthem. These hip-hop visionaries find their muse in funk, soul, hip-hop and R&B, all the while creating fun, forward thinking pop.

The album traverses through all of the human experience, from life to death, love to hate and from questions of God to finding our innermost being, at the same time keeping the listener thinking and dancing. So just where did these guys come from? The creative minds behind ‘Gnarls Barkley’ are the Goodie Mob’s Ce-lo and acclaimed DJ Danger Mouse. Both artists are depicted in a mesmerizing ink-blot music video for their hit single ‘Crazy’.

Danger Mouse is most widely known for his project “The Grey Album”, a mixing of the beats from Jay-Z’s “The Black Album” and the music from The Beatles “The White Album”. These two hip-hop geniuses’ (along with groups like Gym Class Heroes and Outkast) are working to re-invigorate an otherwise stale and repetitive pop hip-hop scene. No matter who you are, you just can’t go wrong picking up Gnarls Barkley’s “St. Elsewhere.” With its unique, catchy and forward thinking plot, this album appeals to everyone from old school rappers to poppers to rockers.

Check these tracks: ‘St. Elsewhere’ ‘Crazy’ and ‘Just a Thought.’