Says what he meant, meant what he said

Chris Bellotti

So, we’re spending a ton of money on new buildings for the law school and nursing school, as well as a new athletic facility.

Oh, I almost forgot, we also have the new blind-your-eyes light exhibit in the Connelly Center.

I need to ask a question, however, and maybe it is stupid, but I think it’s worth asking.

How is it even remotely possible that we haven’t thrown down a few bucks for a new sign at the corner of Lancaster and Ithan?

While eating at the Spit on Friday night, my very good friend turned to me and said, “Ya know how you just kind of get angry when you see someone who is really ugly?” Now, in all honesty, I can sort of see where he is coming from, even though I have to admit for whatever reason, I do not care too much about a person’s looks (my “standards” aren’t incredibly high).

My standards are important, however, when referring to that absolute eyesore of a sign we have. I saw in the Public Safety Blotter the other day that someone was detained for “terroristic threats.” If he said, “I want to blow up that hideous Villanova University sign,” I think we should let him do the school a favor. I would rather see a smoldering mess than that ugly piece.

Moving on, I am in a personal dilemma as to what needs to go next after the worst sign ever – either Jake Nevin or Tolentine. The other day, I was walking past Jake Nevin and actually threw up a little bit in my mouth. But still, there it is, along with the sign as the two closest things to Lancaster Avenue. One would think that at a beautiful school like ours we wouldn’t have such a disgusting building on campus, let alone on what is essentially our face.

The scariest part of it all is that at one time someone thought this was going to look good. We all know the stories of how people lose their belief in God after a huge tragedy, asking, “how could He let this happen?”

That would sum up how I feel when I have to walk past that entire building after watching our football team lose or something.

(Speaking of which, in light of the fall sports season, we should all show more school spirit and go to the football games and cheer on the band and their halftime show because, in all honesty, they bring back good memories of basketball season. And while I am on the topic of things that need to go, I’m pretty sure we can all deal without the majority of the football players’ D-1-AA-sized egos as well. Yeah…I said it.)

I am beginning to think Tolentine Hall could actually save the school money. Here is what they can do. Tolentine is not terrible-looking from the outside, so maybe just some slight cleaning and renovations would work.

First, we take the third floor classrooms and rip out all of the desks and chalkboards and put benches, which would make them saunas – they have much more potential that way.

Next, you put weight rooms on the air conditioned fourth floor. No need to buy treadmills or stairmasters; walking up the 90-degree incline flights that are supposed to be stairs to the fourth floor is sufficient enough. Then, you make the second floor into showers, and wow, you even have room for the President’s Office and other offices on the first floor. Finally, scrap the new athletic facility, and with the saved money, you can air-condition Main Campus, throw a few more computers in the library, make a performing arts center and maybe, just maybe, not nickel and dime every student and society on campus. We all love this place, as we very well should, but we should never settle for less than what is right.

On a more important note, Sept. 11 will come and go before next week’s paper.

Take time to remember who we lost. Until next week, speak up, Villanova. Have a good one.