‘Nova gossip blasts back in a rumor-crazed frenzy of stories

Tina Lamsback

Warning: I’m back. And my gossip is bigger than ever. So jump in the car and put on your seatbelts because this is going to be a bumpy but gossip-filled ride. Oh, and by the way…this info is soooo true; don’t hate me because I knew before you!

“What he doesn’t know … well, it won’t hurt him, or will it?”

Reliable sources tell me that a Villanova female has been stirring up some trouble in the love department. According to my information, during the summer, said female was introduced to her best friend’s guy friend. After a couple days of getting to know each other the Villanova female and the newly introduced male hit it off. Inevitably, the final weeks of summer set in, and the student found herself moving into a new social house: her residence hall. With this separation, she grew restless and soon found a new male companion. Let’s just say, things took off one more time, and the hookage ensued. However, as we all know, fall break means more than one thing. Not only is it time to go home and rest with your family, but it is also time for the coeds to rekindle their romances. Well, let’s just say that not only were the two Villanovans getting intense, but so was the girl and her old fling. She left Villanova on Friday morning and soon started talking to her old love and felt feelings one more time. My sources tell me that the Villanova male knows that she left to visit her friends at another school (which will remain nameless for face-saving purposes). He, however, does not know that one of her friends is this past summer love. All I have to say is that my heart goes out to you, Villanova male. As for the female, enjoy your love affairs while they last!

“Do freshman girls have the last laugh?”

Doesn’t life tell us that when we have one boy, we should get one more…and another?!? I think not! Were you taught to be an animal? Oh, I hope not! It has been brought to my attention that one particularly freshie fresh has decided to take matters into her own hands when it came to her dating skills. Apparently, not only has she been dating her long-time boyfriend from high school, but she has also been pursing things with an upper classman, Villanova boy. Insiders say that the ‘Nova girl and guy met during the summer. Just when we thought nothing was going to ever happen, the ‘Nova guy confidently challenged her to make a definite commitment to someone. Either she was going to choose him, or this “thing” would stop right here. Props to him! During break, our ‘Nova guy soon found out that he was not the only one. Aside from himself and the boyfriend, he was told that there was another ‘Nova guy that our freshie was pursuing. Apparently, the “other guy” told our ‘Nova guy that he was going through the same thing, and the freshie had no intention of breaking up with her boyfriend! All I have to say is … since when did the freshies think they had so much power? Watch out, they might be making statements, but will there be revenge? I hope so!

“Short Shorts”

• Revenge is so sweet! Someone tell me the deal! Apparently, three girls got their revenge on three boy roommates when their work ethic was criticized. Word has it that one male roommate said that he could not picture either of the girls working. Who does he think he is? In revenge, the girls retaliated and toilet papered the boys’ room. Now who’s boss?

• Apparently a junior boy decided that he needed a “booty call” this past week from a two-year-old hook-up. He called her up, had some dinner and let’s just say added a new touch to the meaning of dessert.

• Rumor has it that upperclassmen have been getting a little “big headed” with their chores. An apartment of four had enough of letting one of their roommates get out of his/her chores. It took this inhabitant a week to take out the trash. Said offender then had the audacity to put a post-it on the trash saying, “Don’t let the trash overflow!” Hi, are you reading this? In the very nicest way possible, YOU WERE THE ONE WHO LET IT OVERFLOW! And yes I am calling you out, so don’t let it happen again!