Ashley R. Lynam

There has been one question that has been on most students’ minds for the past two weeks as they pass Tolentine Hall: what’s going on out there?

What has happened to that formerly picturesque area perfect for picnics, impromptu flag football games and sunny-day lounging?

According to Director of Facilities Bob Morro, the Facilities Management Office is creating a temporary parking lot to prepare for construction of the new Garey Hall at the Law School.

Since heavy construction is in the works for Garey Hall, Facilities created the temporary lot to aid displaced Law School parkers.

This temporary lot will be located on the lawn area in front of Tolentine Hall and CEER and will create 250 parking spots for displaced law school parking. The construction of the temporary parking lot will be completed sometime this month.

“We have done this before,” Morro said. “We had to do the same thing when we constructed the CEER building, and all landscaping was restored immediately after the project was completed.”

Eventually, the permanent parking lot for the Law School will be built on the current Spring Mill Lot between the SEPTA R5 train station and Garey Hall.

This permanent lot will hold approximately 600 parking spots.

The project is expected to be completed by August 2007.

The new Law School building will be located on the site of the current parking lot and will be substantially larger than the current Garey Hall.

The new Law School will provide new classrooms and office spaces, as well as room for the law school clinic.

With this construction taking place, Morro expects that classes will begin in the new building in August 2009.

The landmark project will cost an estimated $79 million, with law school tuitions and fundraising activities set to pay the bill.

Any costs not covered by matriculating students’ tuition and fundraising will be borrowed through a mortgage loan.

It was clear, however, that no undergraduate tuition money would be used to fund any of the Law School projects.

The Campaign for Villanova Law is one such fundraiser that is attempting to draw donations from alumni and supporters.

The campaign’s goal is to raise $20 million and has currently raised over $15 million.

In addition to the construction in front of Tolentine, work is being done to the Augustinian Monastery as well.

The monastery, first constructed in the early 1900s, needed basic masonry renovation work on its walls, including stone-pointing and water-damage repairs around the windows, Morro said.

The Augustinian Order is responsible for the funding of this project.

The land on which the monastery was built has a separate deed belonging to the Augustinian Order, which is responsible for the housing and accommodations of the friars who live and work at the University.

Therefore, the Order takes full responsibility for any maintenance jobs performed on the monastery.

Workers are currently making their way around the building, repairing the sides section by section.

All repairs on the monastery are expected to be completed by February 2007.