Winter style opinion from home and abroad

Gabrielle Santella

Being a lifelong resident of Pennsylvania, I have become accustomed to the variety of seasons the Keystone State has to offer. I have therefore become somewhat of an expert on style for all temperatures.

November has arrived at Villanova, and the cold weather has come along for the ride. The crisp air you used to enjoy now has a chilling bite to it, and sadly, that fleece you’ve been wearing all autumn is no longer sufficient to protect you from the cold. As the fall transitions into winter, so must your clothes. Building a cold weather wardrobe can be easily accomplished with the introduction of just a few techniques and seasonal articles of clothing.

Suitable winter attire always starts with a substantial coat. Make sure your coat has ample insulation to protect you from the bitter cold. Retail stores have options to suit all kinds of taste. This season, Gap is pushing its “puffer coat” for both guys and girls. Available in a multitude of styles – from bomber jackets and vests to longer, belted coats – these down-filled jackets are sure to keep you warm and stylish. For a more sophisticated look, the wool peacoat is a classic option for men and women and is readily available in different colors and prints.

The clothes underneath your coat are just as important in your wardrobe this season. To keep warm in the cool weather, dress in layers. And, stylish readers, you’re in luck, because layering is a hot trend this season, which means you’ll find lots to work within the stores.

To add insulation without too much bulk, girls can pair a cropped cardigan over a long sleeved shirt, or layer thin long-sleeved shirts with different cuts over one another – think scoop neck under a henley. And of course, those extra-long V-neck sweaters, which are all the rage, are perfect for layering with a long-sleeved shirt.

Both men and women can wear a puffy vest over a cozy sweater for a fashionable winter look, or they can go for a more traditional layered look with a collared dress shirt underneath a thin sweater. Besides providing excellent warmth, layers are also beneficial because of their versatility. You can take a layer off if you have a class in the usually hot Tolentine Hall, or put another layer on when you grab lunch at the normally chilly Pit.

If you’re more of a dress-on-the-go person, sweatshirts are another great way to keep warm. The bookstore always has a variety of Villanova sweatshirts from which to choose.

If you prefer a sweatshirt with a little more pizzazz, zip-up hoodies lined with faux fur are available at Abercrombie & Fitch for both men and women. At about $150 a sweatshirt, these are a little too pricey for most college students’ likings. Instead, you can try Hollister’s less-expensive line of comfy sweatshirts and hoodies lined with fleece, faux fur or a combination of both, which are sure to keep you comfortable and warm.

While the primary focus of the winter wardrobe is clothing, accessories are also significant. Though many people often forget about hats, gloves and scarves, these details are key to insulating you from the chill. With the extensive selection available, you can be sure to find accessories to fit your taste.

Girls, you can add some style to your wardrobe with arm-cuffs (finger-less gloves which extend up the arm and can be worn with long-sleeved tees) and leg warmers, which can be paired with the trend of the season – leggings – for an ultrachic yet ultrawarm look.

As autumn winds down, don’t let the cold weather catch you off guard. With just a little extra effort, you can dress successfully for the wintry weather.