The Wisecat

Tina Lamsback

Dear Tina,

I have been dating my boyfriend for the past year, and I am wondering if we resemble a complementary pair. If we don’t complement each other and do in fact resemble oil and water, is that bad? Why can’t love just be easier? Someone tell McDreamy to sweep me off my feet!

Sincerely,A Lover’s Delight

Dear A Lover’s Delight,

This past week’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” got me thinking. George was stuck on an analogy about ham and eggs. Apparently, the ham is the main event and the eggs are merely a complement. The ham resembles the committed person and the eggs are the partner who is just involved. The patient with whom George was speaking then went on to discuss how the eggs and ham may complement each other, but the eggs can get up and walk out on the ham at any time. On this basis, I took the analogy to another level; I think that the eggs and ham complement each other, but on a much more personal level.

Every morning, I wake up and head to Connelly for the best breakfast sandwich that I could ever have. I’m not even sure that the Four Seasons could top this one (okay, maybe it’s possible). But every morning I walk to Connelly in the now bitter weather and wait to order my sausage, egg and cheese on an English muffin. It starts my day off perfectly. As I move to the front of Connelly, the Belle Air Terrace chef knows exactly what I want. I like to think I am a regular at this point in my life. After collecting my water with lemon, I pay at the register. As I take every bite of my sandwich, I tend to think of how life would be without that breakfast treat.

Every week, I too watch “Grey’s,” wishing my life resembled that of an intern infatuated with McDreamy. But then, Justin Timberlake starts singing “Sexy Back,” and I check my phone to see who is trying to contact me. It’s reality, and he/she is just checking in!

In reference to the ham and eggs, they are complementary to some people. To others, they do not make sense at all. In other words, to some, you and your boyfriend do not make sense, but to you, the two of you make perfect sense. As for oil and water, who said different is bad? Humans tend to run from opposites in the world. I guess that means I am not the world. To me, I want the complete opposite. I’m loud, energetic and obviously opinionated. When life takes a turn, I’m the leader. I need someone to tell me when I’m getting out of control, indicate when I’m being overworked or most importantly, when I need to take it down a notch.

Oil and water are my thing. You might think ham and eggs are your thing, and, well, that just works for you. Don’t over-analyze your situation. If it works, it works, end of story. At times, I tend to want a perfect meal or, in this case, a perfect relationship, but who doesn’t? And who said they even knew what the definition of perfect is? Perfect is what works for you. It’s what we perceive it to be.

In a good relationship there are always issues, just like with my breakfast. If I get there too late, it could be cold. If there is no lemon in my water that day, there is no “zest” in my drink. And what will happen on the day when my breakfast sandwich is no longer on the menu? Just as between two people, there can be times when you lack zest or things are not so good. It just takes two people to figure out what works for them. If oil and water are complementary for you, then that is what you will do. If you think that ham and eggs are your thing, then go with that. It is up to you how you deal with your relationship. Take the words, and run with them!