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Justin Rodstrom

Wolfmother ConcertOn Nov. 22, I took a trip back to the 1970s heyday of hard rock music. I witnessed the kind of sound that shakes building foundations, raises fists and devil-horns in the air and leaves crowd members playing their own air guitars. This is all thanks to the hard rock Aussie trio Wolfmother.The three musicians, Myles Heskett, Chris Ross and Andrew Stockdale, took the stage for a show that would prove to live up to all the hype. Wolfmother is a culmination of all things hard rock, classic style and sound. They have the crunching riffs, the blazing solos and the thundering rhythms expected of any 1970s rock band. But these three rockers are not stuck in the past, they move the music forward with a revitalizing approach to the rock sound, mixing in flares of punk, metal, funk and indie rock. With a sound that is simple yet epic, hard-hitting and moody, the trio has put together a fresh sound and has taken the rock world for a ride.On a tour that has sold out almost every show, Wolfmother turned out a massive following in New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom. In support of its debut album, “Wolfmother,” the band has had enormous success given its short time in the limelight. The three band members have been busy since their seemingly overnight commercial success, winning ARIA awards in Australia for six of the 12 songs on their album, MTV awards and the honor of inducting classic rock legends Led Zeppelin into the UK Music Hall of Fame with a cover of Zeppelin’s heart-stopper “Communication Breakdown.”Now It’s Overhead, “Dark Light Daybreak”With its new album, Now It’s Overhead has created quite an enigmatic and intriguing piece of work. Filled with synthetic drum beats, unique sonic textures and vibrance, Now It’s Overhead has put together a distinct sound. Band mastermind and songwriter Andy LeMaster has put his hands to work creating swirling guitar landscapes among a whirlwind of light vocals and pulsing bass work. Now It’s Overhead members challenge themselves and their contemporaries with their outside-the-box creativity and unique approach to the indie/punk rock genre.The album is loaded with dark, probing sound textures and bittersweet melodies reminiscent of The Mars Volta’s 2001 release “Deloused in the Comatorium,” most evident in the song “Believe What They Decide.” This release is perfect for any fan of challenging indie/punk rock.Songs to Hear: “Let The Sirens Rest,” “Believe What They Decide,” “Night Vision”Heads Up: Tonight, Otep will be playing in Philly at North Star Bar at 2639 Poplar St. I will be interviewing them, so look for me at the show. I will also be attending the Children of Bodom concert at the Trocadero in Philly as well, so come out for the show on Wednesday the 29th.”