BB: Big East Power Rankings (Week 2)

Stephen Buszka

Men1. No. 2 Pittsburgh: 6-0 (0-0)With Florida taking a loss, the Panthers picked up some No. 1 votes, 18 of them to be exact.  Aaron Gray is proving that he can be a formidable center in the Big East with a solid 16.2 ppg and 9.7 rpg.2. No. 8 Marquette: 6-0 (0-0)The second of three 6-0 Big East teams has not lost a step after last year.  In fact, the team has improved.  Dominic James has improved significantly to become the team leader everyone thought he could be.3. No. 15 Syracuse: 6-0 (0-0)Devendorf and Nichols are doing the scoring and keeping the Orange in games, but what is really winning games is its outstanding defense, holding opponents to a .342 field goal percentage.4. No. 20 Connecticut: 5-0 (0-0)UConn is getting the job done on the defensive side of the ball.  The Huskies are No. 2 in points allowed per game with 53.6.  This has allowed them to outscore their opponents by 22 ppg, second-best in the conference.    5. No. 18 Georgetown: 2-1 (0-0)Old Dominion.  Old Dominion?  Well, that team is 5-1, and Georgetown is now 2-1.  No one expected the Hoyas to go undefeated, but not many people expected them to take a loss before Big East play, either.Women1. No. 7 Connecticut: 2-0 (0-0)UConn picked up a huge win over Colgate — huge in the sense that the game was over at halftime.  A 49-17 lead is pretty dominant and makes you wonder how hard it was for Colgate to come out and play the second half.2. No. 19 Louisville: 6-0 (0-0)Chugging along at 6-0, the Cardinals made their first Top-20 appearance in the latest AP poll.  However, they have been relatively untested, with only one margin of victory less than 10 points.3. No. 17 DePaul: 3-1 (0-0)DePaul is a strong offensive team, but the Blue Demons have some hidden demons.  They can’t play defense and are ranked last in the Big East in points allowed per game with 74.2.4. No. 18 Rutgers: 2-2 (0-0)It is a valid question to ask how a 2-2 team can be in the Top 20.  If the team is so good, its record should show it.  AP voting is sometimes an enigma; No. 15 Stanford is 2-3.  Maybe record isn’t the best indicator of a team’s ability.5. USF: 6-0 (0-0)The Bulls finally received some AP votes, 24 of them.  Writers are realizing that this team might be destined for greatness, but probably not.  On a serious note, scoring 90.5 ppg is awesome, even against cupcake teams.