The Sirens coax students to Acappellapalooza

Hannah Misner

The Sirens are a new addition to the Villanova a cappella community this year.

The all-female group was created last spring when a group of girls wanted an independent outlet for their music.

After the group’s formation, The Sirens recruited some members who had not previously been in on-campus singing groups, but most members had known and performed with each other beforehand. Because of that, The Sirens did not feel like they had to start from scratch, member Krista Vitola says.

This initial closeness has given The Sirens a prolific first year, with two concerts under their belts, plans to go on tour to Boston and even the submission of an audition tape to sing the National Anthem at a Jets’ game. These activities have bonded all the members.

“We all get along really well and are just a fun group of girls,” Vitola says. “This cohesiveness brings a whole new element to the performances.”

Their performances center on contemporary songs in order to relate better to their audience of college students.

“We try to make it really entertaining,” Vitola says. “[The audience] surely will not be bored – we always put on a fun show.”

The Sirens are among the six a cappella groups scheduled to perform at Acappellapalooza on March 16. The Sirens will perfom a set of contemporary songs at the showcase.

“[Acappellapalooza is] a completely different kind of experience and just as exciting as if you were at a rock concert,” Vitola says. Further information about The Sirens can be found at