The Wisecat takes a claw at some gossip!

Tina Lamsback

A year in review – a year when Villanova students grabbed hold of every relationship and party available. No hand was left unheld. No red cup left unflipped. And certainly no issues left unaddressed. As we look back and see what we have done and what we hope to do in the years to follow at Villanova, we realize that each event was an opportunity for self-development. Through the special occasions such as spring break and NovaFest, we realized our highs and lows. Some learned from their mistakes, while others never made any. Possible? Probably not. We stopped ourselves for a minute on West Campus two weekends ago, a Zack Morris freeze frame if you will, and took in our surroundings, realizing that the life we are currently living simply could not get any better.About eight months ago, freshmen arrived with fears that no one could imagine. However, without further ado, they supplied some of the best gossip this year, clearly one of the highlights being the forest nymph of Halloween. This only made the rest of us question – was our costume really that doable? This person was clearly not holding back.As for the sophomores, I think the ultimate story was when the cat fight went down at NovaFest. That poor girl who has a broken nose! I hope the girl knows a good plastic surgeon. Juniors rolled out big with the scoring of basketball apparel during Midnight Madness. Way to gain access to the locker room without being a player … Sweet deal!Last, but certainly not least, seniors rocked out earlier in the year when they ran off campus naked, while taking pictures with the neighbor’s dog! Needless to say, throughout all of these events, I’m sure we gained some kind of respect. Sure, why not? Anyway, everyone has some kind of memories. For me, entering sophomore year was said to be a big deal. “Go big or go home” was our motto. We took the incentive, packed our bags and squeezed into a cozy life in a triple back at our home away from home on South Campus. Everyone has memories. Mine are a little different. All the other Wildcats at graduation will recount his or her sophomore year as being un-air-conditioned, or they’ll say they could sleep just a little longer because they were on Main or say that they lived in the non-stop party called the Quad. My friends and I can recount our life on south campus as a cult (in the nicest possible way). Air conditioning was second nature. And sleep? Please, who needs sleep when you live on South? I know I can recount the best memories: the morning that the fire alarm went off at 4 a.m. and the disgruntled inhabitants filed out of the building. Then that morning when we woke up to the S.W.A.T. team at our windows – now that was something to tell the kids. I just have one complaint: does everything have to happen early in the morning? I would hate to be that kid who slept through it all! Now, that, to me, was a year in review. No matter what, I will remember.As we enter the summer months, it is a time for reflection. Whether we are graduating and are reminiscing on the four greatest years of our lives, or whether we are on to that big apartment in the West Campus sky, we are taking time to reflect on ourselves and our actions. Let’s just remind everyone that most of us are still in college; it’s a time to make mistakes, learn and enjoy the time when you can make a mistake, a time when the repercussions will be significantly less than in the real world. Villanova is forgiving; the real world is not. And when you leave this semester, remember this: “No matter how far you go, you can never shake the sand from your flip flops or the ocean from your soul.” Have a happy and healthy summer! Read me in August! XOXO, ‘Nova’s fav gossip gal!