Campus Corner expands over summer

Meredith Davisson

A Villanova restaurant tradition for both students and faculty, Campus Corner doubled in size this summer. Campus Corner took over the adjoining store, Villanova Hardware, and removed the wall between the two businesses and expanded the restaurant, which has not seen major construction since the 1960s.

“The current students will appreciate it, as well as alumni who will come back and be relieved to see that the restaurant they knew and loved has changed and improved,” owner John Iezzi said.

Plans to expand began in August of 2006, Iezzi said. The initial construction began in January, but the majority of the changes were made over summer vacation while Villanova students were away.

Many students might not recognize the restaurant upon their first visit. The seating area is located on the left side of the restaurant, and all new floors, walls and countertops have been installed.

Though the interior has changed, Campus Corner’s menu, prices and hours of operation remain the same. As soon as construction is finished, there will be minor menu additions, including new pasta dishes, Iezzi said.

With this expansion, Iezzi anticipates growing business as well.

“We do more and more residential business every year … so hopefully we will expand one day to more restaurants to serve the need of the many universities in the area.”