Iron Hill Brewery Sizzles

Natalie Smith



Twenty minutes away from Villanova, there’s an unsung hero of the dining world known as Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant. It’s located a little off the beaten track for most Villanovans who have never ventured into West Chester, but the directions are easy (only three roads are involved), and it offers a refreshing change from the dining found up and down Lancaster Ave.

The portions at Iron Hill are filling, and patrons receive their money’s worth for contemporary American food infused with regional flavors. Prime examples of one of their must-try appetizers are the platter of Cheesesteak Egg Rolls (extremely delicious) and the Steamed P.E.I. Mussels in Iron Hill beer, which are both priced at $9.99. Sandwiches average around $12 each and entrées reach up to $25. Every month Iron Hill offers a fantastic special with an appetizer and entrée at a set price that includes a beer pairing for each course. For the month of September, anyone can get Beer & Cheese Soup followed by Fish & Chips with the beer pairing for only $19.99. A special like that is hard to beat for any college kid on a budget.

Of course, one of the perks that comes with eating at a brewery is the beer, which is freshly brewed and reasonably priced, starting at $3.25 for 10 ounces and continuing up to $12 for a pitcher. Happy Hour brings the prices down to $3 for a pint. If you’re unsure about what to order (the Rasberry Wheat Beer is a recommended favorite), the $6 sampler includes 36 ounces of beer in nine Iron Hill flavors. That’s four ounces of beer in every flavor Iron Hill has depending on their seasonal specials. Even the non-beer drinkers of the world will find something they can sip on.

Iron Hill offers limited outdoor seating, but it is well worth the wait on a warm summer night. The ambience inside is fun and laid-back but remains upscale. Families and couples often frequent the brewery during the week, and West Chester University students take over on the weekends (Iron Hill offers dinner specials for WCU students).

The only thing that detracted from the dining experience at Iron Hill when I went was the lengthy wait between courses, which our waiter explained was out of the ordinary. It also would have been nice if the WCU student discount were made available to any college student, specifically Villanova students. But this Villanovan isn’t complaining after a stomach full of good food and enough beer samples to make everything a little fuzzy (except my review).