Do-it-yourself costumes for the collegiate

Maria Bobila

As children, Halloween used to be easy. You go with your parents to the store, buy those already-packaged costumes in a bag, put them on and you’re on your way to fulfilling those sweet tooth cravings. But as a college student, Halloween is something different. For the girls, it’s a given opportunity to dress as promiscuously as they want and get away with it. For the guys, it’s a chance to show off their artistic abilities to throw on the most ridiculous outfit in order to get props from their peers. However, some of you may not have time to buy a costume or others may have no idea what to be. So here are a few treats and tricks on making a simple yet impressive costume for your Halloween weekend.FFLLLAAAAVOOORRR FLAVGuys, one of the easiest outfits to put together in your dorm has to be none other than the one and only Flava Flav. Grab your alarm clock and turn it into a necklace by using shoelaces or string. (Extra points if you happen to have a gold chain lying around.) Any type of baggy attire and a pair of sneakers will do, as well as any type of head accessory (i.e. Viking hat, crown, top hat, du-rag, fitted hat, etc.). Sport some shades and put foil or a gum wrapper on your teeth as a grill. Have a group of ladies follow you around all night with beauty pageant sashes titled “Pumpkin,” “Hottie,” “Hoops” and, of course, “New York.” YOUNG HOLLYWOOD “BRAT PACK”Girls, have fun this season by dressing up as your favorite famous felon. As Lindsay Lohan, overload on your tanning lotion application, sport your cutest designer ensemble and prance around in your favorite heels with an extra accessory: a large plastic monitoring anklet. Not your style? Then opt for Paris Hilton in an all-orange outfit, long blonde hair and a small stuffed dog resembling precious little Tinkerbell. Add some flair by substituting “Trick or treat” with “That’s hot.” Still not up for it? Throw on some massively huge sunglasses, a scarf, leggings and platform heels. Stuff your top with a small throw pillow and what do you get? Soon-to-be mommy Nicole Richie! Now grab some of your guy friends and lend them your digital cameras for your own entourage of paparazzi.RUBIK’S CUBEThis costume is original, quick and easy. Cut a large box at the top and bottom so that you can fit it over your head and body. Paint the entire box with black paint, and once it dries, use construction paper to tape red, yellow, green, orange, white or blue squares on all sides of the box. If time permits, mix up the arrangement of the colors on your cube to catch people’s eye.