Ten totally random questions for …

Alexandra Criscione

Here’s a very special 10 totally random questions with a very special sophomore on campus – Alain Duroseau a.k.a Jovi City a.k.a A-Train a.k.a Mr. 305. Why is he so fly? I’m sure you have seen him walking around Connelly Center or hanging out in Mendel Hall trying to do homework for his intense biology major. For those of you who don’t know him, hopefully this article will give you some insight into this Long Island native.

1. What activities are you involved in on campus?I am involved in Blue Key Society, Orientation Staff, Ambassadors and Inter-Hall Council. I really enjoy being involved with all aspects of Villanova and being a part of the Villanova community.

2. Would you rather breathe like Darth Vader or talk like Yoda?Hmmm. This is a tough choice. I would have to say that I would rather talk like Yoda because, I mean, you could not play hide-and-seek with that kind of breathing; you would totally give yourself away and girls would definitely not like you if you were standing near them breathing all heavy – it would just be whack.

3. Tila Tequila or New York?I do have love for New York but definitely Tila Tequila because not only is she my girl, but her show is awesome. “A Shot at Love” has everything from hot girls to violence to stupid guys like Domenico. It’s so ridiculous. I would never be on a show like that, though.

4. What was your favorite old-school Nickelodeon show and why?Definitely, without a doubt, “Kenan and Kel.” There is no way someone could watch that show and not laugh. Just the randomness of the show is enough to love it. Kel actually turned me on to orange soda and screaming “Why?” The one thing I did not like was the way they always tried to make Kel look like the dumb one because, honestly, Kenan’s not too bright either. My friends and I also adopted Kel’s ending to the show where he says, “Get me something squishy, something purple and something tall.” I own the entire collection.

5. What is your favorite family Christmas tradition?Well, my parents are very Haitian, so our traditions are probably a little different than other famlies. When I was younger we wouldn’t leave cookies out for Santa; we would leave carrots out for the “reindeer.” I know, kind of weird.When my sister and I were little, we used to sleep under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. It was dope. We would just get into our pajamas and crawl under the tree and just go to sleep until Christmas morning,

6. Who was your favorite professor and why?I would have to say that Dr. Little is my favorite professor. I have him for African American Studies, and everything he says is so on point. You actually look forward to going to his class because you wonder what he will have to say. He makes the class so interesting, and the discussions are always very engaging. I always want to participate, and he really is a good guy. He is really understanding and an all-around great guy.

7. What is your favorite workout machine?Well, the bike is because I like to train like Lance. I just block out everyone else and pretend like I am in my own lane. However, don’t let my incredible physique mislead you; I really do not work out that much. But when I do I am a hardcore biker.

8. If you could only hear one song for the rest of your life what would it be and why?Absolutely “Public Service Announcement” by Jay-Z. Jay-Z is by far the best rapper alive. His music in general is so powerful; there is so much meaning behind everything he says. The last line of “Public Service Announcement,” “Only God can judge me, so I’m gone/Either love me or leave me alone,” is one of the greatest lines ever said. The entire song has an air of “nobody can touch me.” People actually think I have a crush on Jay-Z. I wish I could deny it, but it really is true. Just note that I had a hard time deciding between “Public Service Announcement” and “Rock with You” by Michael Jackson.

9. If you could go to dinner with three people, dead or alive, who would they be and why?Obviously I would choose Jay-Z because he is a great artist and the business man of hip hop. The lyrics he creates are actually intelligent. He puts a lot of talent and time into what he does, which is something I respect. The music he makes is really influential, and I think he took hip hop to the next level. I would also have Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. there because I’d like the opportunity to thank him for all he has done. My last guest would be Oprah for three reasons: one, because I have some bills to be paid, so I’d ask her to hook a brother up. Two, to get some celebrity gossip and perhaps a job by using her infinite connections. And three, no seriously, money or a job, Oprah!

10. Would you consider wearing UGG boots?Hmm, no. Well, actually I hear they feel like your walking on air. So maybe in my room I would consider it.