Nectar a tasty blend of Asian cuisine

Natalie Smith

By Natalie Smith

Staff Reporter

The ambiance at Nectar, located in Berwyn off the Main Line, is a delightful blend of eclectic and romantic signatures sure to please any couple looking for a fun night out or a group of students in search of celebratory dining.

The elegantly decorated dining room, splashed with modern and oriental designs, is fully stocked with a top shelf bar that offers innovative blends of sakes, martinis and sparkling drinks.

Dropping by for an after-dinner drink is far from uncommon for patrons of Nectar, and beginning a meal with on one of Nectar’s specialty drinks is a must.

Star Chef Patrick Feury offers a polished menu full of French Asian dishes, although the traditional oriental options are not as impressive as one would hope.

The Pad Thai and fried rice options could easily be replaced by an authentic Thai restaurant’s selections with regard to flavor and texture.

But the above-mentioned menu options are not what the restaurant, or Chef Feury, are known for.

The French Asian fusion meals are extremely impressive and delicious.

I have not found a better Foie Gras, featured in the Foie Gras Sushi appetizer, in the surrounding area to date.

I found the blend of Foie Gras, sushi rise and pear drizzled with truffle oil remarkably refreshing and full of a subtle flavor that did not overwhelm my palate. For less adventurous diners, the Dim Sum Appetizer for two is a great way to begin the meal, and any of the seafood or land selections featured on the menu are fresh, succulent and sure to please.

Master sommelier Inez Ribustello has a prepared wine list that offers an excellent pairing for any dish featured on Nectar’s menu.

The quality of the food is impeccable, and Nectar prides itself on the fresh selection of mushrooms, fish, shellfish, meat and produce flown in daily from exotic and far-fetched locations extending as far as Hawaii and Asia.

Out of its sister restaurants, including Basil, Tango and Tangerine, Nectar holds its own and rises to the top of my preferred dining list.

While it may be a little bit pricey for every day dining, with starters averaging around fifteen dollars and recommended entrees averaging around twenty-five, Nectar’s food and drinks are well worth the price and the short trip down Lancaster Avenue.

For reservations call 610-725-9000 or visit them online at for a full menu.