10 Totally Random Questions For…

Ashley Jefferson

1. How do you plan on spending your summer? I’ll be studying abroad in Cadiz, Spain. Then I’m working at a hospital near my house. I want to learn how to surf too because I get depressed when I can’t snowboard. Then at the end of the summer my sister is having a wedding. They said I was short enough to be the ring bearer, but I’m too old for that.

2. Growing up, who was your celebrity crush?Hilary Duff! When I was younger she made my Saturday mornings. She gave me a reason to get up and eat a bowl of cereal. She’s basically terrible at everything she does, but I still find her adorable.

3. What would be your last meal?I would start off with a bowl of Life cereal and chocolate milk. Then I’d have to go back to the roots with a Filipino dish called kare-kare. It is ox tail with peanut butter sauce and shrimp paste. It has the most random things, but it’s the best. I know it sounds weird and looks weird, but it tastes delicious. After that, I’d finish with a bowl of Lucky Charms and whole milk.

4. Finish this sentence: You’d never expect it, but I … Used to break dance. I started when I was like 5, and I gave up because it took me five years just to learn how to do one thing. The time investment and reward wasn’t really working, but it was still cool. Catch me on a good day and I might do something.

5. Is Britney Spears’ career over?Absolutely! Her career as a pop star is over. Maybe – no, she has nothing else going on for her. Her career as mother needs to begin. But she had a good run, though.

6. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Villanova?Community – there is a lot of that, especially living in the Quad. You can’t walk out of your dorm without seeing at least 10 people you know. That’s pretty cool. It’s a little like high school, except it has more pros than cons.

7. Who would be the musical acts headlining your dream concert?Common, Lupe Fiasco, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Ben Folds, Gang Starr, MF Doom, Circa Survive and Death Cab For Cutie. I’d choose Common, Lupe and Gang Starr because they all have meaningful lyrical content and good beats. And then Death Cab and the rest because sometimes it’s just fun to “emo out.”

8. What is your most overused expression?”Forrealsies!” It just caught on. Sometimes I just say, “Yo guy forrealsies … word!”

9. If you could trade lives with anyone who would it be? Will Smith! He managed to be successful in all areas of entertainment while still maintaining his dignity. But mostly because he’s funny.

10. What are you most proud of accomplishing?I haven’t accomplished it yet, but by the end of college I hope to say that I’ve gotten the most out of my four years here at Villanova – socially, academically, spiritually.