Coffee spots on the Main Line

Courtney Linde

A majority of students would agree that during finals week there is an extra component that is added into everyday diets: caffeine.

Although Holy Grounds does the trick to meet the needs of caffeine-craving students, there are a few other alternatives.

I know what you are thinking: “Go to Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts!”

As these two establishments are well respected and have great reputations, isn’t it time to broaden our beverage horizons and try someplace new?

Lucky for us, Villanova is located in an heavily “café-populated” area. Driving in either direction down Lancaster Avenue, one will be sure to find the perfect Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts alternative.

Let us begin our drive down the Main Line at Borders Bookstore, located in Rosemont Square.

Even though Border’s is a place one would most likely go in search of an interesting read, they happen to have great coffee.

The café located within the bookstore brews Seattle’s Best Coffee, which definitely lives up to its name. As a loyal Borders customer, there is rarely a time when I enter the bookstore and do not treat myself to a cup of their freshly brewed coffee.

Along with having fresh coffee, the café staff is always cheery and is sure to brighten your day.

Now, we are going to turn right out of the Borders parking lot, and travel west on Lancaster Avenue toward Wayne.

Here is where we will find four more fabulous cafés that are perfect to meet our caffeine needs and also provide us with a place to study.

By this time of year, I am sure everyone is tired of the library and Bartley. The adorable Cream & Sugar Café is located right on Lancaster Avenue.

As soon as I stepped through the door, I knew this was a great decision.

With a warm and comfortable atmosphere, along with wireless Internet, Cream & Sugar is the perfect place to set up your laptop and enjoy a latte, and maybe even a tasty scone.

This quaint café not only serves hot beverages and sweet treats but also has a variety of sandwiches and salads if you are a bit hungrier.

The staff is extremely welcoming, which only adds to the positive café experience.

A few feet down the road on the opposite side of Lancaster Avenue is Saxbys. Every time I have walked through that door, there has been a standard greeting of something along the lines of “Hi, welcome to Saxbys! How are you today?”

Knowing that I am going to receive this warm welcome as I enter the coffeehouse is one main reason why I continue to purchase coffee from them.

Although it seems a bit small when you first enter, there are plenty of tables to sit and enjoy a cup of their fresh coffee or even a Milky Way Latte.

Our final two destinations are located off of Lancaster Avenue. Located on N. Wayne Avenue is Elegance Café.

The area is a little more open and less welcoming than our previous stops; however, it still has much to offer.

Similar to Cream & Sugar, more food is offered than just sweet treats, including crab cakes, which looked delicious.

There is a variety of flavored coffees; however, the customer is given a cup and fills the cup with coffee his or herself. This seems like a good place to get serious studying accomplished; however, it lacks wireless Internet and a cozy café atmosphere, so this may be a better place to stop for a quick bite or speak with a staff member about catering.

Our final destination is located diagonally from Elegance Café on West Avenue. Café Procopio is the definition of the stereotypical coffeehouse.

Having been in business for 13 years, Café Procopio is no stranger to the coffee business.

The owner is knowledgeable and welcoming to this cozy establishment.

There is also a variety of food to choose from, along with many beverage choices.

I have to say, my Sugar Free Vanilla Skim Latte was made to perfection!

The wireless Internet, comfy chairs and string lights really added to the wonderful atmosphere, making Café Procopio my No. 1 destination that we have visited.

Now that your café horizons have been broadened, pick up your laptop, call a few friends and take a trip down the Main Line and try one of my five new favorite hot (beverage) spots!