Last Friday afternoon, I made my way from my Introduction to Philosophy class in Bartley Hall to Dougherty for a much-anticipated Friday afternoon lunch in the Corner Grille. I couldn’t wait for the cheesesteak and fries and the lackadaisical afternoon that was waiting for me. Well, if you were anywhere near the first floor of Dougherty Hall on Friday afternoon, you know it was anything but lackadaisical.

Dining Services decided to throw a party in The Italian Kitchen and The Corner Grille. There was a DJ, an “Iron Chef”-themed contest, a Dance Dance Revolution contest and even a GPS system giveaway. Both places were decorated reality-TV style.

I was overwhelemed by all this and almost passed out when someone said it was all free. Free! Free? Free and Dining Services aren’t usually found in the same sentence. But, it was free, so I went with it. I was enjoying the strawberry shortcake, onion straws (which would make a great addition to the menu – hint, hint) and the weird-tasting alligator sausage. Then some girl, with her large designer sunglasses and annoying voice, said, “This is so stupid. I just want a wrap.” I almost turned around and said, “Well, then go over to Connelly, and take off your sunglasses; its overcast outside.”

But I’m learning self-control and refrained.

I love when Dining Services decides to do something different. Who doesn’t love surf and turf at the end of the semester or the free food in The IK and Corner Grille on a Friday afternoon? It’s something different that breaks up the monotony of cheesesteaks, Buffalo Bill wraps and chicken parm sandwiches. I will admit that I complain about Dining Services every chance I get – from the $5 chicken sandwiches in The Exchange to the $3 parfait at The IK. But, I have to give them their credit when it’s due, especially when they give away free food. We’re in college – who doesn’t love free food (that is not pizza), especially when it’s the end of the semester and you blew all your points before Easter break?

Apparently, that girl who was standing in line behind me didn’t. I just shook my head in disguist. How ungrateful could a person be? I mean the food was free … F-R-E-E.

Why in the world would you complain about free food? It’s absurd to me. If you don’t like it, then just put the alligator sausage down and walk over to Connelly. But, don’t bash something just because you can’t get what you want.

I can’t stand it when people have to complain about something just to complain. Just picture it: you’re enjoying some free food in the IK, watching your friends make fools of themselves in Dance Dance Revolution and some annoying person just kills it with an asinine comment. I was having a wonderful afternoon, alligator sausage and all, and then some obnoxious person had to ruin it with a stupid comment.

Thanks for the buzz kill!