The WiseCat

Tina Lamsback

Dear WiseCat,

I met this guy, and we went out on our first date.  I had a great time and am really glad we went. The day after our date he wanted me to come over to his house and have a TV/pizza night with him and his friends. The problem is he lives at home for now, meaning I’d be meeting the parents after one date! This kind of freaked me out because he already wants me to meet the guys/bond with them/hang with his family, and we have only gone out once. I’m getting mixed responses from my friends. Some tell me it’s fine and just a hangout, while others agree that it’s kinda soon to be planning the wedding with his mom already. What do you think?


Chapel Bound

Dear Chapel Bound,

People always have a plan, whether they know it or not – a plan for life, jobs, internships, families and friendships. Even when going food shopping, a person has a plan.

When you get to the grocery store, you make a list, looking at everything, making sure the fruit is fresh and the eggs aren’t cracked. After carefully making sure you only choose grade-A products, you check out and get in the car thinking about the next thing.

This boy has done something similar. He went into the date knowing he liked you. He went and searched all of the places where he could find the best egg. In other words, he took extra time to carefully research.

Do I think it is weird, even a tad odd, that after the first date he thought there was something so special about you that he wanted to double check with his list, in this case parents, to make sure that you are a good one? I suppose nowadays people are going back to the ways of old, using the “screening process,” as I like to call it. Making sure you’re not crazy.

For the time being, I suppose you should feel flattered. Don’t let the weirdness of his ways get to you.

Maybe mention your concern if you think it’s too quick, too soon or too fast. I mean, you could run for the hills – but there is just no fun in that now, is there?