EDITORIAL: If The Villanovan ran SGA

Student Government Association elections begin today for both the president and vice president and for the college senators. Below are the issues that The Villanovan thinks will be most important to those who are elected to office for the upcoming year.

Printing on campus is simply a disaster. There are five print labs on Main Campus, yet there are none on South or West Campus. Within the print labs, there are a limited number of computers and usually only one printer. These print systems crash at least once per week with barely any notice to students who must scramble around campus for printer access. A 24-hour print lab would remedy many of these problems. The double-sided initiative is a noble one, however it costs the same to print single- and double-sided, even though the latter uses less paper. In addition, the remainder of the $60 in printing money allotted each academic year should be returned to students in one way or another.

Campus Internet is also an issue that needs to be resolved. We were named the “Most Wired Campus” by PC magazine in 2006, yet only 60 percent of campus has wireless. There is no wireless in the Quad or on West Campus, two extremely populated areas. The wireless on Main Campus is not always reliable.

Parking is another heated issue that gets brought up each year, yet nothing gets done. It takes two or three years to obtain parking privileges on campus, and once you have a car, there is usually nowhere to park. In addition, those who do not live on campus, i.e. most seniors, must battle with the monstrosity that is Main Lot every morning. Also, the new law school parking lot could be used for students on West Campus where the dearth of parking is especially problematic.

The basketball lottery and especially Hoops Mania are concerns that those elected should take into careful consideration. The stunt at Hoops Mania last November where dozens of students were left out in the rain is a helpful warning for those who organize the event this year.

Many students often express dissatisfaction with the variety and cost of food that Dining Services offers. While Dining Services banned trans fats last year, the Late Night dining options are almost just as unhealthy. A wider variety of food and healthier options should be available after 10 p.m.

If you are reading this online or in print and you haven’t yet voted for SGA offices, get your mouse to www.sga.villanova.edu. You have until noon tomorrow to vote online for both the SGA president and vice president and the senator(s) for your college. Voting is an important power that only students have and will make a great deal of difference in who gets elected and which (and how) issues will be addressed.