Enjoying your Valentine’s Day – Single!

Lauren Piro

Throughout campus today, one may notice a lighter, sweeter or perhaps “pinker” atmosphere. Couples walk together, arms tightly linked on one side and gigantic chocolate-filled heart-shaped boxes clutched in the other. Pink balloons line corridors, and as you receive that oh-so-thoughtful “I luv u” text message from your significant other, you too beam with happiness that it is Valentine’s Day.

Or perhaps not. Perhaps this year Cupid has not led you to Mr. or Ms. Right (or “Right Now”), and you’ve decided to boycott this day of love. You throw on your black T-shirt, glare at couples making lovey-dovey eyes at each other and take on a commercialism-fed depression that Charlie Brown would envy.

But is this the only way to go? Valentine’s Day is about love – not some odd self-validation of being part of a couple on Feb. 14 each year. So if you are without a beau or gal this year, turn off your angry music and celebrate with the people whose love you can always count on.

Your Best Friend

She was there when the boy you liked in first grade said you had cooties, all the way up until the recent end of your long-term relationship. He knows what TV shows make you laugh and is always there with a shoulder and hug when you need it most. The love between friends may be different than that between a couple, but it is just as strong and often longer-lasting. So order a pizza, sit back with a favorite DVD and indulge in some fondue. Chocolate-covered strawberries taste just as sweet when you’re eating them with the one who knows you best.

And guys – don’t think V-Day can’t be a day you remember your buddies, either. Chow down on a cheese steak and toast to being single and being able to enjoy as much time as you want together.

Your Roommate

There are fewer relationships that are more intimate than that between roommates. All of your quirks, nuances and borderline-freaky sleep habits are not only exposed but often accepted … or at least tolerated. Many roommates share a bond unlike any other that is perfect to celebrate today. But even if your roommate isn’t always your favorite person in the world, life will be much more pleasant if you take the time to remember and respect each other. Why not today? Do something nice for the person who puts up with you the most. Start with cleaning up the countless rogue socks that have already begun to accumulate this semester.

Your Sibling

From toys and vacations to parents and even DNA, your sibling and you have shared a lot over the years. Your brains click in a way that no one else can understand, and you have a never-ending list of inside jokes that come out at family parties. For some, it’s their brother or sister that is their true other half. Love between siblings is the thread with which generations are sewn together and families are sustained. Send a silly e-Valentine to make them laugh, or shoot him or her a thoughtful instant message that says you care.

Your Mom

No one should need reminding of the unconditional love that comes from a parent. Whether it’s soccer games, piano recitals, chicken pox or supermarket temper tantrums that your mom remembers most, she has loved you through them all – and so has your dad, of course. And no matter how many nagging phone calls you may receive from them in a week, you know you love them too.

So even if you only take five minutes out of your angst-induced Valentine’s Day this year, take that time to call your mom. She would love to hear your voice and that you love her too.