‘House’ returns with shocking new ailments

Nicole Smith

Alright “House” fans, it’s time for a new season.

Just to jog your memories, the two-part finale of Season 4 was filled with crazy twists as House (played by Hugh Laurie) tried to cure a patient that was in his head.

We later found that the patient House is trying to cure isn’t House, but Amber, Dr. James Wilson’s (Robert Sean Leonard) girlfriend.

We then found out that House was responsible for Amber’s accident, having called Wilson in a usual drunken stupor but convincing Amber to come escort him home, and that the crash had induced short-term memory loss for him and an abundance of deadly injuries for Amber.

Through a series of unexplained hallucinations, House was able to piece together different ways to further Amber’s treatment, but these “visions” only weakened the bonds of friendship between Wilson and House.

When he finally underwent electroshock therapy to jog his memory of the night of the crash, House remembered that Amber was getting the flu and that her medication was causing serious damage to her immune system.

House then agreed to a second round of electroshock therapy to further his remembrance, but the jolt only increased the crack in House’s skull, causing him to go unconscious.

Unfortunately, Amber’s condition was too far beyond repair, and the season ended with Wilson’s goodbye to Amber and House coming out of a coma. The last scene ended with Wilson looking at House with rage and relief.

So what’s in store for this season? Well, be assured that House is going to be his cynical self.

However, has the death of Amber left him with any remorse? Will Wilson be able to look past Amber’s death and continue saving House’s behind?

The medical mysteries get even more shocking, and House’s Vicodin addiction hasn’t gone anywhere.

The format of the show is still the same: patient with inexplicable illness, House’s medical team tries repeatedly to find a cure with no luck and then right as the episode ends, House has an epiphany and suddenly figures out the correct treatment.

Omar Epps and Kal Penn (from the “Harold and Kumar” movies) both return, with Epps’ character playing babysitter for House’s crazy antics, as well as the infamous “Thirteen” (Olivia Wilde) who will battle some intimate issues throughout the season.

Friendships will be broken, trust will be tested and each character will be pushed to the limit with both medical and personal ethics.

Some bridges will be burned, and House may just learn a lesson or two in the first two episodes.

You’ll have to stay tuned to find out whether an emotional breakthrough is in store for House this season.

“House” can be seen on its new night, Tuesday, Sept. 16 at 8 p.m.