The WiseCat

Tina Lamsback

Dear WiseCat,

When it comes to keeping promises, I just seem to have an issue. Whether it is with friends or a significant other, I always seem to do things differently than what the other person wanted. How do I fix this issue?


Take It Back

Dear Take It Back,

Promise. That was the last word I heard as I jetted past the friendship bordering on a (dare I say it) relationship. Both parties held out their interlocked pinkies and then kissed their hands simultaneously. They just pinky swore. This act was normal but semi-childish, which our young hearts secretly enjoy. The word totally fazed me until I sat down at my seat and evaluated the party that had possibly just been “had.”

We all have been “had” at some point in our lives – some more than others, some still holding on to that aftermath of emotions. So what happened? Let’s be serious – no one really knows anymore. My question to society is why don’t people keep their promises? Why do you feel the need to go back on your word? Possibly you are insecure and think the other person does not deserve all of you. I suppose that is possible. However, if something has started in this so-called relationship, why not finish it? Don’t leave the other person hanging with a promise you did not keep.

Why is it so hard for someone to just go with the flow, let the walls come crumbling down and absolutely give themselves to the other? Life would be more complete if we all just believed in love – love of family, friends and romantic partners.

Believing in love. There are three types of people in this situation. The first person who believes in every little bit of love – the honeymooner. The second is someone who has no opinion whatsoever, and the third person fights his or her true feelings for love. Everyone has been in love at some point no matter what kind it is, so don’t try and say you haven’t. Do the world a favor – just believe. Believe that no matter what you have gone through in your personal life, you, as a person, are entitled to the love of another. Make that promise to yourself.

My question to you is, why are you sitting here upset about the fact that you cannot keep promises? Answer: It is clear that you care. Now, that is a good thing. If you’re going to make a promise, please do me a favor and try your best to keep it. This choice not only will hurt you in the long run but, most importantly, the other party that didn’t see it coming. If for some reason a promise cannot be held, explain why. In the end, you don’t want to be that person holding up their pinky and not being able to link because the other party fears your promise means nothing.