The Wisecat

Tina Lamsback


Give space

People need time for themselves. Just don’t go MIA without telling anyone because creates a sense of suspicion.You might have just commited yourself to an unknowing game of hide and seek. Pick a place that you can go and just hang out, but take some time for yourself when you need to. Let the other person know what is going on and that you need some you time.

Honor our commitments

If you say you will do something, then follow through. If for some reason you can’t follow through, explain why. It is as simple as that.

Give compliments

Plain and simple, if you think a positive thought about your significant other, tell him or her. It is always nice to hear. Let the other person know that you noticed the effort – it is always appreciated.


Without a doubt, the most exciting thing for a girl or a guy is when the other person surprises. Think about it, if you’re missing them and maybe are having a bad day, you would love nothing more than to see him or her unexpectedly. Leave little notes or thoughtful things to let the other person know how special he or she is to you.

Take the extra step

If you care, make sure you let the other person know it. Gauge your audience properly and make sure you aren’t being too over-the-top. If your significant other has had a bad day, simply being there to listen is of great importance. Remember, people like to have their loved ones there for the good times too. Sharing the good and the bad is what can really make a relationship thrive.


Use the phone too much

Communication is key. Without a doubt everyone falls into the trap of text messaging. Have you ever seen the bumper sticker? Thank you for texting me your feelings? Well, I have. Just don’t do it. It is one thing to be dating someone for awhile and send an “I miss you” or an “I love you” text. However, it is completely different to ask someone to be in a relationship with you via text or even tell someone through text that you like him or her. It’s like when you were in the sixth grade and tried to ask your crush via Instant Messenger if he or she liked you. It’s just plain awkward. You think it’s easier but it is way more special to see the smile on his or her face in person.


No one likes a cheater. Please refer to the Dane Cook skit on cheaters for further information. Enough said.

Follow the three-day rule

Everyone plays a little game here and there. Do not go by the three-day rule of contacting someone. In other words, if you say you’ll call her tomorrow, you should call tomorrow. The other person is probably talking his or her friend’s ear off asking why you haven’t called. So for the sake of the friend, just call.


No one likes a liar, so don’t be one. Even

when you fib you can back yourself into a corner, so watch it.