The Wisecat

Tina Lamsback

Dear WiseCat,

I broke up with my girlfriend this week because she was getting too much into the spirit of Valentine’s Day. I know that sounds odd, but she was too much about the material aspect of the holiday and I wasn’t. So, I basically broke up with her so I could teach her a lesson. However, I am regretting the decsion because I still have feelings for her. What should I do?


Cupid’s Alter Ego

Dear Cupid’s Alter Ego,

This past weekend, my friends and I flocked to see what we hoped would finally explain relationships gone wrong,

“He’s Just Not That Into You.” The group proclaimed that I am a “hopeless romantic masquerading as a cynic.” I was hoping that the movie would prove that there is always a reason for someone’s actions in a realationship.

In one of the scenes the characters are discussing “the spark.” They mull over whether there was some kind of connection. There has to be something between the two of you in order to establish a relationship. “The spark,” according to the movie, was created by a man, so that women would believe this situation, yet it doesn’t actually exist. Well, I suppose it is my turn to live in a fantasy world and pretend it does exist.

If there is no spark, there is no romance. As Carrie Bradshaw says in an episode of Sex and the City, “Some people are settling down, some people are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies.”

So, take it from our girl Carrie. If you don’t feel a connection with your girlfriend, then unfortunately things should probably not progress. Although, if you feel that you can work through her misunderstanding of what the media has made the holiday out to be, then you’d better call her up today and work things out. Don’t let something pass you by. If it is love, then it is love. Are sparks flying? Yes? Then do humankind a favor and go back!

However, if you are using this fake breakup so that you don’t have to buy her a gift, then that is wrong. I am by no means an advocate of purchasing gifts on this holiday. So, teach her the true meaning of what Valentine’s Day should be about, and don’t let her get wrapped up in what she thinks it should be. A heartfelt letter or a picture of the two of you would be perfectly acceptable. Then again, I’m not dating you.

Explain to her that Valentine’s Day isn’t about the material things, but your hearts. Be that guy on Saturday that proves that you are into her, if you really are. And most importantly, teach her that she can be an exception to her rule.

Xoxo, Tina