Outside the Oreo

Lauren Piro

My dear Villanovans, my classmates, my friends,

This is the last letter I will write to you. I spent a while – a semester even – thinking about how I would fill this space during a time when so much is ending and so much else has yet to begin. I considered using this space to “reflect,” to gush in the way I am sure many of you are expecting, or perhaps as a spot to air my grievances because, ‘haha’ Villanova, this paper has given me (perhaps foolishly) a significant spot in which to say them. But this column has never been about nostalgia, and it certainly has not been a place in which to spew my unsolicited, and perhaps uniformed, opinions to make little more happen than a scene. Instead, it has been about finding the good – the good in this place in which we have all decided to be transplants. And I must say, I quite like what has come of that.

In keeping in this theme, and in such a way as to honor my senior class, I asked several seniors what their favorite thing to do has been these past four years living on Philly’s Main Line – I hope you use these suggestions to fill your time at Villanova a little more greatly, as the seniors here have:

“One of my favorite things to do is to go into Philly to the more independent and old theaters and see obscure movies before a great dinner at Fez, a Moroccan restaurant on South Second street. It’s a great way to get out of the typical Main Line restaurants and movie theaters and experience Philly.” – Brie Von Rosendahl

“Eating fried ice cream at the Auspicious Chinese Restaurant on Cricket Ave in Ardmore.” – Abbey Majczan

“I went to a Reel Big Fish concert with a few guys from my fraternity at the Electric Factory.  They put on a great show and I was able to see my buddy get thrown up and crowd surf.” – Jack McKenna

“Milkboy in Ardmore hosts bands on Friday nights, and I recently went there with one of my best friends to see Pete Francis of Dispatch playing with a great band called Barefoot Truth. We had a great time dancing and listening to live music while drinking coffee in a small but fun setting, and even got to meet Pete after the show.” – Nicole Rodriguez

“I’m going to miss Bikram Yoga up in Berwyn because there is the cutest guy that I have yet to summon the courage to make eye contact with.” – Daria Gredysa

Congratulations to the Class of 2009. So few – fewer than many even realize – are offered, or, if you prefer, blessed with, the opportunity to complete what we have done. I have been honored to be walking beside you all these past four years, and I will be honored still to be standing with you on May 17 and every day thereafter, wherever I go. See you on the other side.