Author Offers Advice on Life at Women in Business Event

Julia Butch, Staff Writer

Acclaimed author Madeleine Henry recently shared her improbable journey toward self-fulfillment and career success with the University community, providing passionate testimony to the power of defining success personally and pursuing individual dreams.

Speaking to Villanova’s Women in Business Society via Zoom, Henry detailed her journey from investment banker to yoga enthusiast and successful author. 

After graduating from Yale University in 2014, Henry started a career as an investment banker. Though successful in that high-profile and potentially lucrative environment, Henry found that “(her) intentions were not pure.” She felt pressure to enter the industry and initially enjoyed it, but never saw it as a long-term path.

Henry found herself writing constantly, whether at home or on the subway to work. Her demanding career, though, left little time for much else. She found herself lacking balance, movement and fulfillment. 

Henry started doing yoga for the sake of fitness, but it soon became a way to connect the dots in her life. She learned the importance of protecting her energy, spending time in silence and confidence. She says that because of her positive attitude and prioritization of self-worth, she has “never doubted (herself) in major moments.” 

The message of yoga — relax, listen to your body and slow down — conflicted with her investment banking mentality. She learned that “less is more” and started practicing yoga more seriously. This is when she started to consider a career change to pursue her passion for writing. 

Henry quit her job and started pursuing writing full-time, noting that, “You have to be persistent to achieve your dream.” She has since published two critically acclaimed books, “Breathe in, Cash Out” and “The Love Proof,” both available for purchase online. 

Henry plans to continue pursuing her passion for writing and is committed to being the best, most centered version of herself at all times. While she encourages others to do the same in whatever sphere resonates with them, she emphasizes the value of self-teaching. 

“What you want to know is out there and you can teach it to yourself,” she explained. 

“The event was definitely a success, the Exec board received so much positive feedback from participants,” Women in Business Society President Lauren Sieloff said.