Outside the Oreo

Lauren Piro

We’re in the home stretch – that odd post-Easter week that leaves you perhaps a bit too lackadaisical but with that pit in your stomach growing large as the final push of the semester looms over your head. To help get us all through until the first week of May, here’s a sample of some of the most random fun stops and hot spots I’ve come across in my Philly Googling this semester. In the spirit of “wake of break” procrastination, I’ve found the answers to your most nagging and specific Main Line needs – and some I bet you didn’t even know you had but now must quench, finals or otherwise.

For when you just couldn’t fit that “fun” class into your schedule:

Closed out of Elements of Dance for the past two semesters (bet you wish you had taken those AP tests like Mom said, huh)? Well lament the lack of artistic expression in your life no more and sign up for a class at Main Line School Night. I got a brochure for the program in the mail in January and at first brushed it off without a second glance, figuring it was better suited for senior citizens or those clearly not as, ahem, cool as me. However, unless you plan on signing up for Beginning Computers, the 500-plus courses offered each season will certainly include something to suit your unfounded – and young – interests. There’s still a variety open for the rest of the semester, many of which are affordable one day workshops or 5-week classes. Try African Dance or Argentine Tango to get your cultural moves fix, grow your own good eats in Edible Garden class, or maybe improve your techie cred with a class on Dreamweaver or Photoshop. But skip Google: Advanced Techniques. I think you’ve got that covered.


For when your mystery dinner theatre needs a dash of “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia”:

So this may be the kookiest idea I’ll offer you all semester, but I couldn’t resist – Peddler’s Village is hosting through April 25 a murder mystery dinner titled “A Very Brady Murder.” Will Marcia get hit in the face with a football? Will Jan’s invisible George Glass be the murderer? Will pork chops and applesauce be served? Or maybe something from Sam’s deli? Alright, I’ve clearly never attended any sort of performance art exhibition quite like this before, but if anything I’ll bet it would go down as one of the most ridiculous, never-forget nights of your college career. Oh, Mike!

For when you’re feeling too classy for dining hall Sunday brunch:

Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to forgo your favorite part of Sunday mornings. You can still linger with friends over an all-you-can eat buffet, but at the Radnor Hotel just a few minutes down Lancaster, you can really do it up right. I was lucky enough to attend this famous Main Line breakfast over Valentine’s Day (swoon, I know), and I can assure you that it lives up to its many “Best Of” honor badges bestowed upon it by local media. It starts with the basics – a glowingly fresh fruit platter, baked goods piled high, and chaffing dishes loaded with scrambled eggs, bacon, fluffy French toast and zesty home-fried potatoes atop which you can put even more bacon, if you so choose. A step further down the buffet and we were greeted with ample taste bud-teasing lunch options as well. Cheesy baked ziti, tilapia topped with a familiar tomato concoction, and warm, carved roast beef with au jus quickly weighted down my plate reminding me on a whole other level how much I should hit the gym. The list truly does go on, and a full general menu can be found on the hotel’s web site. And although champagne, mimosas and the like are served for those of you on the upswing of the third decade of life, the Radnor welcomes those of all ages, even families with small kids looking forward to nothing but the Belgian waffles. But, come on, you’re looking forward to those too. Before you go, make sure have advanced reservations to secure your spot among the packed crowd and put on your Sunday best (or at least your Sunday best-of-what’s-not-in-the-laundry).